El Chapo Guzman: Hitmen Put DEA Agent On Hitlist

El Chapo Guzman has been the top drug cartel chief in Mexico for about ten years now, with the key to his success being his ability to employ amazingly creative ways to smuggle drugs into the United States. One of the most ingenious methods used by the Sinaloa Cartel, headed by El Chapo, is hiding drugs in multiple custom-built hidden compartments in cars. This is as reported by Insight Crime. The following is an excerpt of the report.

“The receptacles could only be opened with tricky procedures — like connecting one cable to another — that would be difficult for border patrol agents to identify. Cuevas employed two look-outs, one on each side of the border, who would keep tabs on the vehicle carrying drugs from the stash house in Mexicali until it passed inspection.”

Other methods used by the cartel include using giant catapults to throw drugs across the border, low flying planes, submarines, and tunnels.

Following El Chapo’s recent escape from a maximum prison in Mexico, the drug lord has had over 1,000 people working round the clock to find him. And for one man — Jack Riley, an experienced DEA chief — El Chapo’s escape from justice is short-lived. With a previous experience of going after El Chapo and his organization, he understands the difference in the dynamics now, stating the following.

“In terms of cooperation, sharing information. People think I’m crazy. You know what Chapo is most afraid of? That cops are talking to cops… Well, we are now. That’s how you dismantle organizations.”

This was during an interview with Yahoo.

He also talked about being targeted while he was working as a special agent in El Paso, saying that following an interview with a Juarez-based paper, wiretaps by the agency revealed a plot by some people to behead him. Unknown to him, the newspaper was affiliated with El Chapo, and he had just stated some negative things about him, telling the paper, “I was here. I was going after Chapo. We were going to target his [El Chapo] organization and most importantly, him.”

Part of the transcript from the tapped wires revealed the expected pay for the job, reading, “What do you think Chapo would give for us to shut him up and cut his head off,” and they speculated it to be around $100,000. This really shook Riley, prompting him to send his family up north. And for that, he stated the following about El Chapo.

“I hope he’s feeling the same thing right now.”

[Image sourced via Image Grid]