'The Big Bang Theory' Season Premiere: Sheldon 'Confused' After Breakup With Amy [Spoilers]

The Big Bang Theory will kick off Season 9 on Monday night, and Steven Molaro says it won't be a pleasant welcome back for Sheldon and Amy. The show's executive producer told TV Guide that the couple won't quickly reconcile after the infamous breakup at the end of last season.

"It's rough on both of them. I think [it's] like a divorce in the beginning and it's yet another thing that Sheldon and Amy and all seven of them need to navigate separately and as a group."
Their relationship troubles come as Leonard and Penny will officially walk down the aisle in Las Vegas. A preview clip provided to Entertainment Weekly showed the "happy" couple getting set to say their vows, but Molaro revealed that it's not smooth sailing for the pair. Penny has been challenged by the revelation Leonard had an indiscretion while on a research trip.
"She knows they've been together a long time. She's telling herself, 'It was years ago and we weren't married and it was only making out. I can get past this. Let's keep moving forward.' "
Meanwhile it was recently reported that an actor had been tapped to play the role of Leonard's "other woman" in an upcoming episode. Viewers can expect the tension from that storyline to continue.

As for Sheldon, Molaro says Amy's rejection has presented with a problem he feels ill equipped to solve.

"He is a man of science and he is being presented a problem of the heart that is not easily solved. Problems that are not easily solved by logic can be extremely frustrating for him. That's something new that he's gonna be dealing with. He's having a lot of mixed feelings. He's mad at her, he wants her back, he's confused. There's a lot going on in his head and in any given scene, it can bounce back and forth."
On Sunday, Mayim Bialik is up for an Emmy for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler. Jim Parsons, who has won several Emmys in the past for his role as Sheldon Cooper, was not nominated this year. Bialik told 680News she has family time planned for Emmy day, and doesn't plan on doing any late partying.
"I'm actually going to the cemetery to visit my father's grave the morning of the Emmys. Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur it's traditional to visit graves. And that Sunday happens to be Emmy Sunday. So, I'm going to go with my kids and my mom and my ex, and we're going to do that. Then I'm going to order Thai food and start getting hair and makeup around 12, leave the house by 2:30 and hopefully be in bed by 10."
The Emmys air Sunday night on FOX. The season premiere of The Big Bang Theory airs Monday night at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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