Check Out The Latest Conspiracy Theories For AMC's 'Fear The Walking Dead'

For many Walking Dead fans, half the fun of watching the show is devising complicated conspiracy theories based around what they see in each episode. Now, with its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, there are already conspiracy theories arriving, even though only three episodes have aired. Let's have a look at some of them.

WARNING: This article contains rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding AMC's Fear The Walking Dead that may lead to spoilers.

Tobias will return.

Tobias (played by Lincoln A. Castellanos) is a character many fans have latched onto, even though he has only appeared in two episodes so far. While the IMDb page for Fear only lists Tobias as appearing in two episodes, showrunner Dave Erickson told Yahoo! that fans need to "stay tuned" in relation to whether he will return or not. The conspiracy theories surrounding Tobias include one where Tobias will be the Morgan of the Fear world, and will return at some point down the track.

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Fear The Walking Dead is just a coma dream of Nick's.

This conspiracy theory ties in very closely with one that has already been debunked by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. In the original series, the theory goes that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) never wakes from his coma and the zombie apocalypse is just a dream. Robert Kirkman went on the record to Uproxx to state that The Walking Dead is not a figment of Rick's imagination.However, now that Fear The Walking Dead started with Nick being hit by a car and winding up in hospital, it seems these similar conspiracy theories have risen again.

Gloria will be a recurring zombie.

In The Walking Dead, it has been noted that many of the walkers look very similar. And there is a reason for this -- AMC keeps their favorite walker actors on board and just recycles them at will. This makes a lot of sense, considering AMC would have to continually train up new actors to play walkers, but it has almost become a game to many Walking Dead fans of "spot the recurring zombie." As a result, a conspiracy theory has popped up that perhaps Gloria (Lexi Johnson), the zombie Nick first encountered before he ran out in front of that car, will pop up in subsequent episodes of Fear The Walking Dead. While there have been no sightings to present, the fans of the recurring zombies theories are still hopeful.

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The plane seen in Episode 3 will be the plane used in the Fear standalone.

AMC recently announced there would be a standalone Walking Dead event that would occur on a plane according to Entertainment Weekly. Then, when Episode 3 showed a plane flying overhead, lilting and then righting itself, the conspiracy theories started that this plane will be the one used in the "Zombies on a Plane" standalone. In this standalone, one of the survivors on the plane will become a new cast member for Fear The Walking Dead. This leads to the final of the Fear conspiracy theories.

Who will be the new character?

This theory is actually three theories so far. Firstly, one of Matt's (Alicia's boyfriend) parents could return from their trip. However, an ominous image of their car in the driveway would suggest the parents have already returned home and have been attacked by their son. The second of the conspiracy theories involves a relative of the Salazars. Although Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) has stated they had no family left thanks to the civil war in El Salvador, her father did say they had a cousin who lived in the U.S. The final in this batch of conspiracy theories is that of Tobias' mother. He had discussed with Madison (Kim Dickens) the fact his mother was not present. However, could she return to her son? Only time will tell for these conspiracy theories.

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Do you know of any other conspiracy theories? Which is your favorite out of these conspiracy theories? Comment below!

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