WWE News: WWE Divas Nikki Bella And Sasha Banks Working Hurt, Bella Set To Take Time Off?

WWE Diva Nikki Bella is now the longest reigning WWE Diva’s Champion of all time, as she officially passed former Diva AJ Lee this past Tuesday. She cheated to get her way out of losing her title on WWE RAW, but that does not mean she will escape tonight when she faces off with Charlotte yet again for the championship. Stephanie McMahon paid out the plan for the title match quite well, where Nikki had no advantage.

If she gets pinned or submitted, she loses like usual. However, Stephanie also added that if she gets herself counted out or disqualified, she also loses. That means the championship advantage is gone and Bella has to win cleanly, which may not happen. It actually might be impossible for her to do so, but this is for multiple reasons. She was always set to lose the title at WWE Night of Champions. She would break the record, but lose it because there was a need for a new title holder.

On top of this, according to Daily Wrestling News, Nikki is working hurt. It is thought that she might need time off, but it is doubtful that she takes it. The plan as of now is to limit her in-ring work for a while, but she very well could still wrestle TV matches.

She has been working through the injuries, so nothing seems too severe. However, this all works for the best. She can drop the title tonight and then have limited interaction, but still make TV every week.

Nikki is not the only WWE Diva working hurt however, as former NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks is also working a bit injured.

This past week, she faced off with Paige on WWE RAW in a match that was pretty good — for what we saw of it. Apparently, the referee ended it early. The reason for this was because it appeared as if Sasha took a big spill from a german suplex that Paige hit on her. The ref called for the end, and it was seemingly not a decision made from the back but rather by him on the spot.

Banks was reportedly tested backstage for a concussion following the match. It is not certain if she has one or not, but she had been working a bit hurt from her NXT Women’s Title match with Bayley last month, where she took a spill on her head, as well. So, WWE might keep Sasha out of the ring for a bit, but like Nikki Bella, it does not appear that she will miss TV.

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