Prisoners Jailed For Life After Luring Fellow Inmate Into Cell And Stabbing Him 190 Times

Two prisoners were sentenced to life in prison on Friday after they lured 46-year-old fellow inmate Darren Flynn into a cell and stabbed him 190 times, reported the Mirror. At approximately 6:45 p.m. on March 25, prisoners Paul Wadkin, 33, and Jason Gomez, 45, approached a correctional officer at HMP Swaleside on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, and bragged about the killing before Wadkin said: "There's a dead body in my cell."

When correctional officers made their way into Wadkin's cell, they discovered the dead inmate "lying face down on a bed underneath a quilt." Kent police officers were immediately alerted and both inmates were questioned. Gomez told detectives that he and Wadkin invited Flynn into the cell and immediately began stabbing him with two different "makeshift weapon" in the neck and chest, according to Kent Online. Flynn's blood was later found all over Gomez's clothes.

When asked why they murdered their fellow inmate, they simply stated that they thought he was a sex offender, but they were highly mistaken. Just before the fatal stabbing, correctional officers recall hearing Gomez and Wadkin – who were playing a card game at the time -- making comments to Flynn saying, "Dead man walking" as he walked by. Gomez pled guilty to murdering the inmate while Wadkin was later convicted during a trail at Maidstone Crown Court.

"The brutality and violence used in this attack was almost indescribable," said Detective Fiona Mattholie. "It was a carefully planned attack with one intention, to commit murder. Their motive was based on the mistaken belief that the victim was a sex offender and 'a grass,' of which there is absolutely no evidence of either."

Before sentencing the prisoners, Judge Philip Statman said: "The pathologist said some of the stab wounds had a severe amount of force behind them. It would seem it was a frenzied attack."

"Imagine what the situation was in the cell, the length of time it must have taken for 190 wounds to be inflicted. It seems to me this was a case of viciousness. He was incapacitated by both of you and subjected to what I consider to be a savage, brutal and frenzied attack."
Both prisoners showed no remorse for killing Darren Flynn; both Gomez and Wadkin laughed as the judge informed them that they will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, except for Wadkin who will serve a minimum term of 30 years.

[Image courtesy of Andrew Burton / Getty Images]