Things You Need To Know About ‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury

You might think that Caroline Stanbury is simply the Queen Bee of Ladies of London, but there is more than meets the eye with the blonde beauty. Sure, she seems to have a soft spot for Americans, which makes U.S. fans like her even more, but how much do you really know about the London business powerhouse?

The Inquisitr reported that there were comings and goings since Season 1 of Ladies of London, but Stanbury has been a constant since the series started on Bravo. She seems to serve as a bridge between Brits and Yanks.

According to Fashion N Style, Stanbury is a combination of businesswoman and wild child. Stanbury was not always a lady of London. She was from Dorset, and went to boarding school in Gloucestershire at Westonbirt Boarding School, where she learned valuable skills.

“It was ridiculous: we even had a lesson on how to get in and out of a Porsche without flashing our knickers,” Caroline said of her days in boarding school. “But now, I do actually have a Porsche!”

Stanbury said no to Bravo several times before coming on board with Ladies of London.

“I said ‘no’ for a year and a half but, just as they were about to give the contract to someone else, I changed my mind,” Caroline told Essential Surrey. “I decided that I would rather regret doing it than not do it all. I was petrified. I don’t think anything had ever made me feel as sick.”

This season, Stanbury was caught in the middle of the initial drama of Ladies of London, according to the Inquisitr. It seems that Juliet Angus placed Stanbury in the middle by convincing her to throw a birthday party/Thanksgiving celebration (though Stanbury admitted she had no clue what Thanksgiving even is) after cast mate Marissa Hermer had already planned the same fete, because Angus had already asked her (seems the etiquette lessons didn’t take). All of this led to Stanbury’s classic quote: “Get a grip, it’s only a dinner!”


Do you think Stanbury will continue to be the rope in the Ladies of London tug of war?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]