‘Scream Queens’ Is Just Days Away, Ryan Murphy Reminds Fans

The premiere of Scream Queens is just around the corner and soon all of our questions will be answered with a big two-hour episode to kick it off, but creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy is ahead of the game with a new interview that reveals just a few casting secrets. As the interview reveals, the secret to creating a show that has garnered a following long before the first episode has even aired was to bring together the perfect cast and this new series has done just that with the likes of Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, and, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis.

“The thing about my stuff is that I’m always shocked when anybody says yes to anything. But in my case, what happened was, I reached out to Ariana and Nick and Jamie Lee [Curtis] and on and on. It always comes from a place of fandom. Always. So I just call and say, ‘Hey, will you meet with me?'”

The Scream Queens showrunner has often said there would be no show without Jamie Lee Curtis, so, as Murphy told E! News, this particular bit of casting seemed to be favored by fate.

“And the case with Jamie Lee, it was a very charged meeting because Brad [Falchuk] and I loved her so much and also knew that if she said no there was no show. I had to bring my A-game. And then here she walks through the door all dressed up looking like a million bucks, carrying John Carpenter photo albums for Brad and I; so we’re like, ‘OK, maybe she’s in.’ She knew about the other work, and when I pitched her, she was just so thrilled and honored to sort of be a part of something.”

When asked how the cast related to one another, Ryan was pleased to report that everyone came in feeling relaxed and eager to do their best, according to IGN. As Murphy describes it, one can’t help but feel that the actors and actresses have formed a bond, with the Scream Queens creator included as their own odd uncle.

“I think it works because they’re all brought together from a place of — I feel like when they walk on the set, they know I love them so much that they’re like ‘okay, we’re good.’ There isn’t any sort of jitters like ‘Oh, we’re going to be replaced.’ Or, ‘Oh, what’s going to happen.’ I feel that they gelled from a common place. I felt that on Scream Queens. They all instantly got along.”

Fans will get to see for themselves how this all comes together on screen, when the two-hour Scream Queens debut airs on Tuesday, September 22, on Fox.

[Featured image courtesy of Fox]