California Kayakers Find Naked Woman Three Miles Out At Sea Screaming For Help, Coast Guard Baffled

The Coast Guard is baffled as to exactly how a woman found herself three miles out at sea completely nude. A group of California kayakers found the naked woman nearly three miles from Newport Beach. The woman was screaming for help, claiming she had taken off her swimsuit because it was too restricting. The woman told Coast Guard members that she had swam from the beach 16 hours earlier. However, the Coast Guard says even the strongest currents would only pull a person 600 feet out to sea and that none of the woman’s belongings that she allegedly left at the beach were found. Now the Coast Guard is trying to figure out exactly how the naked woman ended up so far from the shore without a boat, flotation device, or swimsuit.

The Daily Mail reports that three California kayakers stumbled upon a 28-year-old woman in the most unusual of places. The group was kayaking three miles from the closest shore when they found the woman in the water. She had no boat, flotation device, and was even missing her swimsuit. The group took the woman back to Newport Beach where she claimed she had been swimming 16 hours early.

However, the story gets even stranger. The Coast Guard says that when they asked the woman how she ended up so far from the beach and without a swimsuit, the woman told them she had been swimming near the Newport Beach Pier when she was swept out to sea. She claimed that her swimsuit was too restricting so she removed it in a bid to remain afloat. She says that she had been out at sea for over 16 hours.

The Coast Guard says they are investigating the claims but have their reservations about the story. The Daily Pilot reports that Newport Beach lifeguard David Pratt finds the story unusual as even the strongest rip tide couldn’t pull a person three miles out to sea. In fact, he says most currents dissipate 50 to 200 feet out. He noted that even the “most extreme surf” would have only pulled her out about 500 or 600 feet. Therefore, it is unclear how the woman ended up so far away.

Additionally, authorities say no one saw the woman enter the water, not even the lifeguard on duty at the time she claims she entered the water, and that the belongings she claims to have left on the beach were nowhere to be found. In fact, authorities noted that had her belongings been found on the beach, a search would most likely have been performed.

Finally, Harbor Patrol deputies noted that the woman was in good health and that she was not suffering from hypothermia as would have been expected if she spent the night in the water.

What do you think of the mysterious naked woman found floating three miles out at sea?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan]