Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Experience Ratings Drop During Past Week

Both Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly experienced ratings drops this past week due to the Republican presidential debate on CNN — it had nothing to do with their audiences losing interest.

When averaging ratings on Zap2It, Bill O’Reilly averaged 2.75 million viewers a night, with his biggest night being on Thursday (2.82 million viewers) and his lowest on Wednesday with 2.56 million viewers. (His regular show didn’t air that night until after the debates on CNN.)

Perhaps O’Reilly’s most significant segment this week happened the night before the debate. In an uploaded YouTube video, O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump before his debate on Wednesday evening. Trump denied the fact that there were thousands of Hispanic protesters at his rally Monday evening in Dallas.

“They had a very very small group. But we had thousands of Hispanics inside that were cheering louder than anybody…It was reported that there were going to be 4,000 people [protesters], but it turned out to be very few…it turned out to be 1,000.”

Donald Trump told Bill O’Reilly that he didn’t let the protesters bother him, especially since it was packed inside the American Airlines Center. It’s obvious Donald Trump still has a lot of fans, but perhaps Megyn Kelly isn’t one of them; she spent the whole week dissing him in a very passive-aggressive way. The night before the debate, Kelly gleefully announced that Trump was losing his lead in the polls. The night after the debate, Kelly was back to dissing Trump.

“Uh-hm. I’m curious how the woman in the room going into the debate last night. Did the women like Donald Trump? Raise your hand if you liked him. No one. None of the women. But we have Donald Trump supporters here. It’s just none of the women apparently.”

All of Kelly’s guests on her show were praising Carly Fiorina, almost as if they worked for her campaign. Several people on Twitter went after Megyn Kelly for what they perceived as her lack of objectivity.

Due to the hype dying down from the Republican debate on CNN, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly’s ratings should get back to normal in the next week. Who do you think is covering the Republican candidates better — Bill O’Reilly or Megyn Kelly? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photos by Brad Barket and Craig Barritt / Getty Images]