‘Castle’ Season 8 Premiere: New Spoilers, Sneak Peeks, And More

Castle will return to ABC on Monday night, and fans are now being given a closer look at the season opening episode that is being called a “game-changer” for the series. Beckett and Castle will face new challenges this season as she takes on a new job at the precinct. Beckett will have her new position, and Castle will try to return to his private detective practice.

Spoiler TV shared two sneak peeks for Castle Season 8 Episode 1, titled “XY,” this week, and the sneak peeks show the couple trying to deal with the first challenge of their new lives together – Beckett’s first day as Captain Beckett.

The first sneak peek shows Beckett getting ready for her first day. She is still at home, clearly nervous. However, Castle has a surprise for her. The couple share a moment, and Beckett asks Castle to join her at the office, but he has plans of his own.

The second sneak peek focuses on Castle’s return to his office, but his office is not empty when he arrives. His daughter, Alexis, is sitting in his chair, and he is surprised to find her there. She quickly informs him that she has been taking on cases in his absence, and she has closed four cases in her first month. He seems pleasantly surprised by that reveal.

Entertainment Weekly did share a new spoiler for the Castle Season 8 premiere on Friday, as well. Part of the spoiler involves Alexis. However, a big part of the episode will be Castle’s search for Beckett. A previous Inquisitr report revealed that Kate would go missing during the premiere.

“That’s exactly what Castle is hoping to uncover during the first hour as he discovers that Kate has been keeping some secrets from him, much to his own detriment. I’ll just say that there’s a new form of torture in the premiere that even made me squirm. On another note, I was a little unsure about the addition of Hayley at first, but her dynamic with Alexis brings out a softer side that I’m excited for the show to explore this season.”

Castle fans have a lot to be excited for this season, according to the new showrunners. Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter offered a new teaser about Castle Season 8 in an interview with Give Me My Remote. Winter shared a bit about the upcoming excitement.

“It’s going to be a great year…we have a delightful launch, these wonderful tentpoles where things are changing and evolving. And for the whole season, we’re telling a wonderful story from beginning to end that will further the love story of Castle and Beckett.”

Castle will air on Monday nights on ABC. What do you think about the return of Castle this week?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]