Niall Horan's New Solo Collaboration Offer Ignored For Sports

​Niall Horan has been gracious enough to alert fans that he is finally back in London after touring with One Direction in America for a couple of months. However, is Niall Horan's need to beat stress by watching a few sports matches causing him to ignore an important music collaboration offer?

As he landed in England, Niall Horan was quick to tweet that he would be spending a couple of hours dealing with traffic being backed up on the M25 London motorway.

Could Niall Horan be missing all of the fun times he had in America with Justin Bieber? As previously reported by the Inquisitr on July 22, Justin Bieber has been on the lookout for mature, adult friends -- and he bonded significantly when Niall Horan was touring America during the summer.

Justin Bieber also helped Niall Horan celebrate his birthday in Las Vegas on September 15, according to a report by the Las Vegas Sun.

While Niall Horan may appear to be miserable without his good times in Las Vegas buddy, Justin Bieber, his Twitter account has his fans thoroughly confused about Niall Horan at large.

One of the main issues highlighted by the Ireland Independent on September 19 was that One Direction fans of Niall Horan were confused about how to respond to his frequent sports-related tweets.

They said, "A number of [Niall Horan] fans were confused by the tweets with one tweeting that they were 'only reading' the #RWC2015 stream to 'figure out what Niall is talking about'."

Adding to this, Niall Horan has been particularly fond of tweeting about his sports experiences in general since he returned to London.

For example, Niall Horan tweeted to Luke Shaw of the Manchester United football club on September 16 after Shaw sustained a career-ending injury.

Following that, Niall Horan tweeted about the World Cup Rugby tournaments so much on September 19 that the @IrishRugby account on Twitter personally thanked Niall for his support as a fan.

Nevertheless, Niall Horan may be forced into being a spectator because he recently broke his foot. The Mirror reports that on September 6, Niall Horan broke his foot and has no idea how it happened.

Otherwise, if his foot had not been injured, Niall Horan might be off playing golf with Rory McIlroy during his One Direction concert tour break like they did in Toronto, Ontario, on August 20.

Despite this, if Niall Horan decided to get some solo work done between One Direction concerts, a fellow famed musician has a collaboration offer on the table.

According to a report by the Irish Mirror on September 19, U.K. solo artist Brian McFadden (formerly of the boy band Westlife) states that he wants Niall Horan to record a song with him.

About Brian McFadden's specific intentions for a project with Niall Horan, they quote McFadden stating the following.

"I am sure Niall is going to make a record - someone said he is going to do TV but he has to make a record. And I would definitely love to write for him - if he wants to write with me I would have no problem writing for him."
[Feature image via Warren Little/Getty Images]