Patti LaBelle Shuts Down Stripping Fan, Kicks Him Out Of Show

Singer Patti LaBelle made it clear on Friday that stripping fans are not allowed on her stage!

TMZ reports that the 71-year-old singer did not hold very much back during a performance in Vancouver on Friday night after being disrespected on stage by a fan.

According to the report, several fans from the audience were invited on stage to sing and dance with Patti LaBelle one at a time. However, one fan in particular went above and beyond by starting to take off his shirt.

As soon as the “New Attitude” singer realized what he was doing, she literally stopped everything — including the music — to nip it in the bud immediately.

“Hold up. Hold up! Don’t you dare…not on my stage. No, baby.”

A member from Patti LaBelle’s security team tried to intervene on stage by removing the stripping fan, but Patti urged him not to by repeatedly saying “I got this.”

“Let me say something… Did I say I was 71 years young? Right? I am not Nicki Minaj or that little, uh…Miley.”

Apparently, the message did not stop the fan from wanting to show off on stage. Instead of listening to Patti LaBelle respectfully and attentively, he appears to turn his backside to her. At that moment, Patti’s initial mildness went out of the window and she forced him off the stage and out of the show.

“Oh no! Get off of my goddern stage, b-tch. And stay off! Put him out of the building. Put him out! How dare you? I’m sorry I didn’t let my security do what he felt he had to do earlier. I believe in giving second and third and fourth chances, because I always say sometimes we know not what we do. Just so rude! A rude American or whoever he is, whatever he is. Don’t ever come in my face again.”

This was not the first time that Patti LaBelle refused to bite her tongue when expressing herself and her strong opinions.

During an interview earlier this month, according to the New York Post, the Grammy Hall of Fame and Hollywood Hall of Fame inductee shared how she felt about how the female stars at the MTV Video Music Awards this year dressed.

“You know, I watched the VMAs and I was totally turned off with what I saw. I need these young girls to put some clothes on!… I would tell them to cover up and stop showing your breasts and butts — you do not need to be naked to sell records. But I don’t know if they would listen to an older woman. I am 72 years young, but I will continue to pray for them as well as myself.”

Patti LaBelle has been making music professionally since the early 1960s — nearly longer than Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus have been alive combined. Chances are that neither one of them will have anything to say in response to Patti’s comments.

[Image Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images]