Kylie Jenner Assaulted By Fan

Kylie Jenner has been on a roll lately. Just on Monday, she simultaneously launched her own app and website. The app quickly rose to the top of the iTunes Free Apps chart, annihilating those of her sisters – Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian. Kylie Jenner posted a screenshot of the chart on Instagram, captioning it as follows.

”kyliejenner#1 I can’t believe it. I love you guys. Can’t wait to post more tomorrow.”

However, a few fans were not amused alleging that downloading the app is free, but actually seeing content on it is not and revealed their displeasure in the comment section of Kylie’s post. The following is an excerpt of some of the views.

myhoneyloveeeI: “can’t understand why the app is for money -.- kylie did you need more money????”

bellastrong2108: “First it says the app is free and when u log in u have to pay…wht…._.”

mxntsee: “The app itself is free but you have to pay $2.99/ month to see the content.”

kate.middleton.hrhI: “deleted it because you have the pay monthly”

elisacooks: “Congrats Kylie!”

dziecko_bez_brwiI: “want it”

_omfgitsabby_: “The app cost money what a wast sorry but i got it but if i meed money i cant get it so u should make it free”

That said, Kylie Jenner was also at the sugar factory on Wednesday and talked to AOL about her current ventures and recent experiences.

The following is an excerpt of the interview.

AOL: “You were all over New York Fashion Week. What were some of your favourite parts and favourite shows?”

Kylie Jenner: “The Alexander Wang show was dope. Walking in Yeezy’s show was definitely a highlight. And now I’m most excited for this!”

AOL:” Congrats on being the number one app! What are you most excited to share with your fans?”

Kylie Jenner: “I feel like this is really my lane and I know my fans want to know so much about me that I haven’t told them. I have so many secrets and tips and fun things to share so it’ll be cool.”

On to the assault incident, Kylie Jenner was just leaving the Anaheim Chris Brown concert on Friday night when a fan reached out and pulled at her hair, while she was walking by, snapping back her head. Luckily, her security detail quickly stepped in. This is as reported by TMZ. Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, performed beside Chris at the event.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]