#ThankYouZaynForComingBack Confuses 1D Fans, Creates Flood Of Memes

Is Zayn Milk coming back to One Direction?

One Direction fans and critics that paid attention to the viral hashtag, #ThankYouZaynForComingBack may have thought so!

That is, of course, until they clicked it.

They probably expected a greeting from an article published by a credible source confirming the news or even an official statement from a member of One Direction. On the contrary, clicking the viral hashtag apparently entered them into a world filled with Internet memes, frustrated fans and other tweets filled with utter confusion.

Apparently, the #ThankYouZaynForComingBack hashtag was an idea that emerged from the expanding world of One Direction fandom – an idea that did not take very long to become a trending topic on Twitter.

Some people claimed to know that there was no truth to the statement and simply clicked the link anyway to see everyone else’s responses and reactions to the “news.”

Others were apparently offended and did not take it very well at all – especially when they realized that they had fallen victim to a deceptive trap.

#THANKYOUZAYNFORCOMINGBACK why is this trending? Y’all gave my sister and I a heart attack. YOU GUYS ARE SICK — M a r î a (@DivaWWEmaria) September 19, 2015

#THANKYOUZAYNFORCOMINGBACK why would you do this I was gonna throw a freaking party

— Naj// (@ziamftlouarry) September 19, 2015

As of right now, responses to the #ThankYouZaynForComingBack hashtag are still rolling in by the hundreds on a seemingly endless train of tweets, memes and pictures.

However, it is clear that Zayn Malik is still not returning to One Direction.

In late July, the former boy band member confirmed the news of his solo career with a single tweet.

“I guess I never explained why I left, it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic #RCA”

Malik also posted a picture of himself smiling while apparently signing his contract with RCA, according to Billboard.

Zayn Malik signs with RCA

On the same day, Simon Cowell confirmed on Twitter that the news of Zayn Malik signing with RCA was not necessarily news to him – especially since he had reportedly been working on the deal for quite some time.

“We have been working on this for a while and I am pleased to say congratulations to [Zayn Malik] on signing with [RCA Records]… I believe they are the perfect label for [Zayn Malik’s] solo career and I am sure whatever they release together will be special.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the news of Zayn Malik signing with RCA brought months of speculation and rumors about Zayn’s future career to an abrupt end.

However, the rumor mill is apparently still at work. The #ThankYouZaynForComingBack hashtag proves that many fans are still hoping that Zayn Malik will decide to make a triumphant return to the One Direction line-up once again.

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]