William Marsh: 'Missing' 15-Year-Old Found With Kik Predator — Indicted On 30-Plus Sexual Counts

William Marsh found himself in an unlawful position when he traveled hundreds of miles to be with a "funderage" teenager. The Kik predator had an unconvincing excuse for authorities.

WKYC 3 - Cleveland reports that Marsh was from Independence, Missouri, and traveled to Solon, Ohio to meet a female teen of whom he was acquainted via Kik messenger — a popular chat app among youth demographics. According to the report, the teen was from Pennsylvania and told William that she and her mother would be in Ohio for a conference. While her mother attended the event, she would be alone at a hotel.

Sometime during her stay, William Marsh arrived and rented a room as well. And on June 8, 2014 — as reports Northwest Media Group — she came to his room and the two engaged in sex. The 37-year-old man and 15-year-old teen also recorded the underage activity on video. However, the site reports that the teen didn't want Marsh to record or take photos of their encounter.

As fate would possibly have it, the mother returned to their room and couldn't find her daughter. Alerted, that's when she notified police of her missing daughter. Once authorities found the girl, she informed them that she had been with William Marsh in his room and the two had participated in sex. The 15-year-old also mentioned the two of them sending messages back and forth for months.

When police questioned Marsh about it, he said that he had only just met her at the hotel pool and was told she was 19. However, after searching his room, they found two laptops, a tablet and a cell phone which contained nude photos of the teenager and other child pornography.

Prosecuting attorney Carl Sullivan told Northwest Media Group that this probably wasn't his first instance. Authorities found a message which said that the girl's age was "funderage."

"He's clearly a sexual predator. He'll drive miles of open road to find young girls to have sex with. It's almost like a lifestyle for this guy to chat with young girls and seek them out wherever they are to engage them in sexual activity."
According to WKYC 3, Sullivan added the following statement.
"And this sexual predator will now be residing in the only hotel where he belongs."
However, as mentioned by the prosecutor, it's not Marsh's first incidence. The new medium reports that Sullivan found another case in which William is involved, in Arizona.

As reports Northwest Media Group, Cuyahoga Common Please Judge Robert McClelland, of Cuyahoga County, sentenced William Marsh to five years — on more than 30 counts of sexual offenses.

"On August 18, Marsh pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, importuning, and several child pornography charges."
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[Photo Credits: Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department]