Jessa Duggar Seewald Opens Up About Pregnancy, Shares Details About Her Struggles And Joy

The Duggar family will soon be welcoming a new grandbaby into their ever expanding family. Jessa Seewald, the most recently wed Duggar daughter, is expecting her first child in just six more weeks on November 1. The Seewalds have released few details about baby Seewald, keeping the gender private until birth. However, Jessa recently opened up about her pregnancy discussing some of the joys and struggles she has experienced being a pregnant woman.

The Duggar Family Blog readers asked Jessa Seewald a series of questions about her pregnancy. The mother-to-be chose some of the questions to answer and the interview will be featured on the blog over the coming weeks. The first question answered by Jessa involved the struggles and joys of pregnancy. The reader asked, “What has been the best part of pregnancy? The worst part?”

In true Duggar fashion, Jessa leads her answer with the positive aspects of pregnancy. She notes that the best part of pregnancy has been feeling those “tiny” kicks. She goes on to say it is “amazing” that it is possible to love someone so much that she hasn’t even met face-to-face.

“For sure, one of the most amazing parts of pregnancy has been feeling those tiny (and sometimes powerful) little kicks! It’s seems amazing how we can find ourselves so in love with someone who we’ve yet to meet face-to-face.”

While noting the joy and love she feels for her unborn child, Jessa says that it all isn’t sunshine and roses. In fact, she says she struggled briefly with morning sickness and outlines other common pregnancy complaints such as heartburn and shortness of breath.

“Of course there are some aspects of pregnancy that can be difficult, such as morning sickness (which I was blessed to only have to deal with for about 4 weeks), and heartburn, and the shortness of breath that occurs when baby is cramped up in there and pressing on your lungs!”

Jessa points out that her pregnancy struggles are nothing to complain about as it could be much worse. She notes that others have had to deal with so much more and remembering that helps put things in perspective.

“But I cannot complain in the least when I see dear friends who have suffered multiple miscarriages, or unusually difficult pregnancies, or even infertility. Even when things in pregnancy seem difficult, I can’t help but think of others who are dealing with so much more. This really puts things in perspective for me.”

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