Jimmy Fallon Convinces Robert De Niro To Reveal His New Secret Project With Martin Scorsese

Jimmy Fallon has no shortage of amazing guests on his show and he can get a lot of information out of them, but perhaps some of the most exciting info has come from recent guest Robert De Niro.

Jimmy Fallon got De Niro to reveal that his long-time pet project he has been working on with director Martin Scorsese, a movie with the working title The Irishman, will be going ahead. According to Word and Film, De Niro also revealed that both Joe Pesci and Al Pacino will have roles in the movie. Harvey Keitel might also be involved. Talk about a star-studded cast!

But Jimmy Fallon can do more than just get his guests to reveal awesome information about upcoming movie projects: he can also convince them to do some pretty funny impressions. Robert De Niro did one of Jimmy Fallon, himself!

When De Niro was finished, Fallon broke into hysterical laughter and said De Niro’s impression of him was the best he had ever seen. It just goes to show that Jimmy Fallon brings out the best – and funniest – in people.

But the interview Jimmy Fallon does with Robert De Niro isn’t actually about the big gangster movie with Pesci and Pacino; it’s about the very different movie De Niro has coming out called The Intern. De Niro plays a retired man who needs something to do, so he gets a job as an intern at a tech company. As Vanity Fair noted, De Niro’s part in the movie is particularly funny when you consider that De Niro still uses a flip phone, pointed out by his co-star Anne Hathaway.

“[Robert De Niro] has a flip phone. We talked about it [on set] when he wasn’t around. We all thought it was cute.”

Because he is not into the latest technology, you won’t catch Robert De Niro on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so people like Jimmy Fallon have to keep fans up-to-date for him. Fallon sure did tweet about De Niro being on the show.

As for De Niro’s movies, The Intern is due out next week, but as of yet, there is no indication when we will get to see The Irishman on the big screen. Maybe we’ll see Robert De Niro with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show before then so we can get an update on this intriguing project.

[Photo: Screenshot from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube Channel]