Zoey 101’s Time Capsule Unearthed In New Mini-Episode: What Did Zoey Say? [Video]

Fans of Nickelodeon’s teen drama Zoey 101 are in for an unexpected treat. It’s been 10 years since the second episode of the second season aired, and some fans may remember that the plot of that episode revolved around a time capsule. Now, in a special mini-episode, fans will finally get the answer to the question that episode left buried in the ground, “What did Zoey say?”

Zoey 101 was a big hit for Nickelodeon. The premier episode was the highest rated live action show the network had ever aired, and reruns continue to this day on Teen Nick. But the show has been off the air for eight years, so what makes it still relevant?

Well, it has a little something to do with a certain time capsule.

Way back in 2005, the second episode of the second season focused around a time capsule. Each student at Pacific Coast Academy received an assignment to gather items to place in a time capsule that future students would dig up 25 years later.

For her contribution, Jamie Lynn Spears’ Zoey recorded a DVD about her experiences at the school and the friends she had made there over the course of the first season.

Chase, portrayed by Sean Flynn, was desperate to know how Zoey felt about him, and he dug the time capsule up to watch the video. Then guilt got the better of him, and he put the DVD back without ever finding out what Zoey said about him.

Later in the episode, Zoey revealed that Chase wouldn’t have to wait 25 years to find out what she said. Then she dashes his hopes again, saying that she’ll tell him in 10 years.

Well, it’s 10 years later, and series creator Dan Schneider doesn’t go back on a promise.

In a brand new mini-epsidode, which you can view above, Sean Flynn and Christopher Massey reprise their roles as Chase and Michael.

Chase is about to propose to his girlfriend, after slipping up and calling her Zoey, when Michael bursts in with the time capsule.

The two have trouble locating a DVD player, but Michael had already watched Zoey’s confession, so he was able to relate what she had to say about Chase.

Entertainment Weekly has the transcription of what Zoey said.

“And now, I wanna tell you about one of the most special people I’ve ever met. His name is Chase Matthews. And he’s one of the funniest, coolest, nicest guys in the world. Sometimes, I kinda think he has a little crush on me, but other times, I kinda think he just wants to be friends. All I know for sure is, Chase is really special to me, and who knows, maybe he’s even my soulmate.”

Zoey 101 may have been off the air now for eight years, but it’s pretty clear that fans still remember the show fondly.

Social media blew up after the mini-episode finally revealed the contents of the time capsule.

The mini-episode may have answered a question fans have been asking for 10 years, but it ended with a mysterious, “to be continued…?”

*waits 10 years* TO BE CONTINUED OFMJSHSHS NO #WhatDidZoeySay #Zoey101 pic.twitter.com/SIp7zROOCv — kayleigh (@murderizekay) September 19, 2015

What could it mean? Could there be more Zoey 101 mini-episodes on the way, with Jamie Lynn trying to launch a country music career, or is Schneider just toying with his fans?

Now that we finally know what Zoey said in the time capsule, what are some other dangling plot lines you’d like to see resolved?

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