Jimmy Fallon Boosts Jessica Alba’s Controversial Product Line Amid Customer Complaints That They Simply Don’t Work

Jimmy Fallon has had a lot of laughs and embarrassed a lot of guests on The Tonight Show, but when he recently had Jessica Alba on the show, he embarrassed himself. Jimmy Fallon was asking Jessica about her line of products when he accidentally spat on her. He got a tissue and wiped her face, saying how gross it was and how truly sorry he was, but Daily Mail reports she took it in good spirits.

“It’s alright, I have kids. No, no it’s fine.”

As usual, Jimmy Fallon and his guest cracked up as he went to the far side of his desk, putting distance between them before talking to her again. The segment is a riot, but all the humor came within the more serious discussion about Jessica Alba’s product line, The Honest Company. Recently, the company has been slapped with a $5 million lawsuit from a person who claims the sunscreen doesn’t work. There were numerous other complaints and reviews left by Amazon customers stating the sunscreen didn’t work. Tweets were also running rampant.

Despite this, Jimmy Fallon used his time with Jessica not to talk about the lawsuit, but to promote her products and give her a boost. As Time reported, he even talked about the products he uses on his own kids and tried some out on the show, hamming it up as he sprayed a hydrating mist in his mouth.

The fun didn’t end there. Jimmy Fallon loves to play games and Jessica Alba and guest star Miguel had no escape as they were the guinea pigs in a brand new game called “Long Story Short.” As Entertainment Weekly reported, Fallon himself wasn’t sure how the game would play out.

“This is the first time we’ve played this so we don’t really know… we have to iron this out.”

We have to agree with Jimmy Fallon that the game needs some tweaking, considering the contestants seemed to have a pretty hard time guessing a movie title in only five seconds.

They were completely lost in the three-second round and the one-second round seemed almost hopeless, but Jessica Alba and Jimmy Fallon pulled it off.

Jimmy Fallon definitely made Jessica Alba and her controversial product line feel welcome on The Tonight Show at a time when her company is going through a rough patch.

“Are you working too hard?” Jimmy Fallon asked Jessica Alba on the ‘Tonight Show.” http://t.co/4wfZeiLTsu

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[Photo: Screenshot from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube Channel]