Jada Pinkett Smith, Hermione Granger Receive Noteworthy "Happy Birthday" Wishes

Every day, millions of people are wished a happy birthday. But this weekend, there are two people who had their happy birthday wishes go viral.

Regardless of how active you are in the realm of social media, you can count on a flood of "Happy Birthday!" comments being posted to your wall when it's your big day. But unless you are Jada Pinkett Smith and the "Happy Birthday" came from your husand Will Smith, there probably won't be a quarter of a million people sharing it with their friends.

As reported by The Root, when Will Smith wished Jada a happy birthday on Facebook yesterday, the sappiness was in full effect. Having been together for two decades, the Fresh Prince did some serious math to put the birthday greeting in perspective. He's given her 19 birthday presents, watched her blow out 737 birthday candles, and told her he loved her "at least 8285 times." He also pointed out that she's the only one of the almost 3.96 billion women alive today that he wants to be with. And finally, on her 44th birthday, he was happy to show this picture of the couple early in their relationship: 20 years ago!

Will and Jada at her mom's house, 20 years before Friday's viral happy birthday wish.
Will and Jada at her mom's house, 20 years before Friday's viral happy birthday wish. [Image credit Will Smith/Facebook]That outpouring of love should help put to bed rumors of Will and Jada's impending divorce.

The other recipient of a viral "Happy Birthday" wasn't a person at all -- it was a fictional witch. J.K. Rowling got all of her muggle followers talking when she sent out the following Tweet.

As Radio Times pointed out, this was Harry Potter character Hermione Granger's 36th birthday, the witch-baby having been born in London to two fully human dentists in 1979. Whether you fell in love with the character through Rowling's novels, or by Emma Watson's portrayal of the character on the silver screen, you may have trouble imagining the world's favorite witch at the age of 36.

To put that into perspective, other people you may recognize who heard "Happy Birthday" for the 36th time this month include pop star Pink, rapper Flo Rida, and Jackass alumnus Bam Margera.

And, just as any other self-respecting 36-year-old would hope for, Hermione has a solid foot on her career as she reaches her 36th birthday. According to Rowling, Granger is currently an integral part of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at Hogwarts.

While it's not quite the quarter of a million shares that the Smiths garnered, Potter fans are sharing Rowling's "Happy Birthday" Tweet to the tune of over 50,000 re-Tweets as of this writing.

Although there are no plans in place for Hermione's further character development, Will's "happy birthday" comes just three days before we see Jada return to Fox television on the second season of Gotham.

[Image credit Kevin Winter/Getty Images]