‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Final Two Plans Finalized Following Part Two Of HOH?

Big Brother 17 spoilers have final two plans being finalized again following part two of the final HOH. The Big Brother 17 spoilers come from early Saturday, September 19, as Steve Moses and Vanessa Rousso talked things out. A report from Joker’s Updates has Steve asking Vanessa when the pair will reveal to Liz Nolan that they are working together. Vanessa acts like she wants to wait, telling Steve that it is important to only tell Liz at the right moment to avoid campaigning in the BB17 house. The ruse is starting to become very transparent.

Another report has Steve speaking to the cameras and stating that he thinks “Vanessa’s on to me.” The reality of the house has become very clear in the last 24 hours. Though Vanessa and Steve have each promised to take the other one to the final two, neither houseguest plans on honoring that deal. As it stands currently, Liz is nearly guaranteed a spot in the final two, even if she doesn’t completely realize it yet. Both Vanessa and Steve are convinced they can beat Liz in the finale.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Big Brother 17 spoilers already indicated that Steve Moses won part two of the final Head of Household competition. This was not what Vanessa Rousso wanted to have happen after she won part one. She had worked hard with Liz Nolan to prepare Liz for the memory challenge, but it just didn’t work out the way the women wanted it to. Instead, Steve won part two, giving him a spot in part three of the final HOH competition.

Part three is going to take place during the season finale on CBS. That final episode will air on Wednesday, September 23, and will include not just the final competition, but also the vote to decide who wins the $500,000 prize. This is where either Vanessa or Steve will get the ultimate power for the season and get to decide who sits beside them in the finale. Everything is on the line, because the loser of the final HOH competition likely goes to the BB17 jury.

There is still time for a lot of drama to take place in the house if Steve decides to tell Liz about his deal with Vanessa. That would force Vanessa into an awkward position that could end with losing the support of Liz. It has been close to happening numerous times in the house, but somehow Vanessa has been able to continue fooling the twin. More Big Brother 17 spoilers could certainly come out if Liz learns the truth this weekend.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]