TNA News: TNA Star Kenny King Quits The Company, Returns To Ring Of Honor Last Night

TNA Wrestling is losing a lot of things lately. Ratings, a TV deal, and even attendance. Many wrestlers seem to be on the way out once their contracts are over, as well. It looks as if some did not want to wait, and have quit TNA. It is rumored that a big name may be leaving TNA very soon, but it is unknown who will jump ship and if more are set to follow.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Kenny King is said to have quit TNA, recently. The potential reason is that he probably could make more money outside of TNA than in it. He returned to Ring of Honor last night and formed up with his old tag partner, Rhett Titus, to bring back the All Night Express.

It is thought that Kenny is not the last to leave and many more are expected to depart from TNA before the end of the year. It is uncertain who will leave at this point, but it is supposedly going to include some major players.

We know, so far, that Kurt Angle will not be re-signing at the end of the year. The brothers Hardy are expected to leave when their deals are up in February next year. It is also speculated that Ethan Carter III may also leave when his deal is up to return to WWE. The rumor was started earlier this week when word came out that WWE was very interested in bringing him back to the company.

When Ethan left a while back, NXT was nothing special and few cared to see it. However, with it’s terrific matches and excellent stars, NXT has become a major thing. Carter could easily return to WWE as a new player and be one of the top stars there.

There is a thought that WWE is ready to potentially raid TNA of its talent as they plan to leave. Not all of the talent, of course, but those they see some potential in having on their roster. People like Magnus are said to be of interest, but due to his affiliation with GFW and TNA, it does not look like WWE will be able to get him any time soon. However, his wife, Mickie James, has worked with WWE as a trainer in the last year and has a good relationship with them. It is not out of the cards for Magnus to consider a WWE run in the future.

One glaring problem with TNA for many stars is that they lose money, because they could potentially make more away from the company. Those under contract get paid regardless of attendance numbers or even if TNA loses it’s television contract. However, those under pay-per-date deals are in bad situations. Fans can expect people in those deals to leave well before anyone else. Kenny King is said to have had this issue.

[Photo courtesy of WWE via YouTube screenshot]