‘Apocalypse Neanderthal’: History Channel Studies Neanderthal’s DNA, Extinction, Sex, And Relationship To Humans Tonight

Apocalypse Neanderthal is a new documentary special that is slated to air on the History Channel tonight. According to the Los Angeles Times, Apocalypse Neanderthal will examine the fate of the Neanderthal before they disappeared from the earth. Produced by Story House Productions and C-Tales Entertainment in association with ZDF Enterprises, History, and History TV, the new compelling documentary will premiere at 6 p.m. The special will include an amazing selection of music composed by SCGC member Jihwoan Ahn, according to ZDF Enterprises.

Over the years, humans have become fascinated with knowing every detail about the Neanderthal. With the accepted idea that modern humans came out of Africa before later dispersing to different parts of the world, many researchers have tried to examine what the Neanderthal’s relationship was to human beings, such as whether or not humans had sex with the Neanderthals. There is also much debate about when the Neanderthal died out. Some believe that they overlapped with human beings in Europe between 2,600 and 5,400 years. Others say they never crossed paths. According to an Oxford University article, Professor Thomas Higham made the following comment about their research.

“Other recent studies of Neanderthal and modern human genetic make-up suggest that both groups interbred outside Africa, with 1.5%-2.1% or more of the DNA of modern non-African human populations originating from Neanderthals. We believe we now have the first robust timeline that sheds new light on some of the key questions around the possible interactions between Neanderthals and modern humans. The chronology also pinpoints the timing of the Neanderthals’ disappearance, and suggests they may have survived in dwindling populations in pockets of Europe before they became extinct.”

Every few years, there is a new documentary with a different angle about the Neanderthal, causing an even greater interest in readers, students, and researchers who want to find out more about the Neanderthal’s DNA, ancestry, and eye color. In pop culture, one of the first movies on the subject was the 1953 movie entitled The Neanderthal Man.

For more information, the website Human Origins provides a great timeline of the Neanderthal. Also, the book Neanderthal: Neanderthal Man and the Story of Human Origins by Paul Jordan has a wealth of information. Recently, the Inquisitr reported on another interesting TV documentary called The Cannibal In The Jungle.

The History Channel teases tonight’s show like this.

“40, 000 years ago the steppes of Eurasia were home to our closest human relative, the Neanderthals. Recent genetic and archaeological discoveries have proven that they were not the dim-witted cave dwellers we long thought they were. In fact, they were cultured, technologically savvy and more like us than we ever imagined! So why did they disappear? We accompany scientists on an exciting search for an answer to this question and come to a startling conclusion.”

YouTube: Sex With Neanderthals?

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