Louis Tomlinson’s Focus Is On Charity Contest For Fan, Not Marriage Rumors

Anyone with a framed picture of Louis Tomlinson surrounded by hearts will want to know if rumors about his possible marriage in Las Vegas are true — but it appears that Louis Tomlinson is putting more priority on charity than confirming or denying marriage rumors.

​Louis Tomlinson can be difficult to predict over the middle of September because One Direction is taking a mini break from touring. Since Louis Tomlinson is not making a lot of social media posts during the middle of September, it can lead fans to wonder what is happening with Louis Tomlinson during his 1D break.

Of course, Louis Tomlinson and One Direction finished their On The Road Again tour in North America on September 12, and now One Direction has until September 24 to be expected in London.

Over the past week since One Direction said goodbye in Boston, Louis Tomlinson has been spotted in Las Vegas with Niall Horan and Justin Bieber.

While they were supposedly celebrating Niall Horan’s birthday, Louis Tomlinson’s fans overheard him saying in jest that he was in Las Vegas and that he wanted to get married, according to a September 15 report from J-14.

Regardless, so far there are no official statements from Louis Tomlinson that he is getting married to Briana Jungwirth — or another person such as Harry Styles.

However, in a recent interview with Attitude Magazine, Liam Payne made a point of stating that there was not a romantic relationship happening between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The Independent states the following on September 11 about Liam Payne’s reaction to the idea of “Larry Shippers” or “Larry Stylison.”

“Payne also discussed his irritation over rumors that have plagued Tomlinson and Styles for years. He said rainbow flags began appearing at One Direction concerts after same-sex marriage was legalized across the US, but he attributed this to rumors that two of his bandmates were in a relationship.”

Of course, this may be a huge disappointment to Larry Stylinson fans, but the truth is that Louis Tomlinson may not be getting married to Briana Jungwirth, either.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, despite the fact that Briana Jungwirth is allegedly carrying Louis Tomlinson’s child, and he cares a great deal for the both of them, Louis Tomlinson has stated in the past that he might not marry her — if insiders can be believed.

But why is Louis Tomlinson mostly absent from the media over his One Direction break — and why is he not confirming or denying that he got married in Las Vegas?

Although Louis Tomlinson has repeatedly stated that he loves his fans dearly, there may be situations where he wants to be alone with the details of his own life without the fans or the paparazzi peering in on the situation.

In other words, Louis Tomlinson may need his One Direction break to deal with personal issues affecting him — including his own father.

About the current situation with Louis Tomlinson’s biological father, the BBC states on September 10 that Troy Austin was found in a Doncaster parking lot in a serious state of mental health distress.

As the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention points out, suicide is a sign of an untreated mental health issue that needs professional treatment — and not a personal attack on people in their lives.

For this reason, it was understandable for Louis Tomlinson’s uncle, Terry Bolwell, to update the BBC with a statement saying that “what happened, and his low moods, were not linked to [Louis] Tomlinson.”

Fans that miss Louis Tomlinson in the media spotlight may have a special opportunity to meet him — and help someone in need. Charity is very close to Louis Tomlinson’s heart — and a fan at a Dublin show will get a chance to meet with him in exchange for a charity donation.

According to Louis Tomlinson’s Twitter post from September 17, fans can contribute to the Eden Dora Trust for a chance to meet One Direction in Dublin on October 16, 17, or 18.

About the Eden Dora Trust, Louis Tomlinson writes the following.

“This amazing charity helps children who have had Encephalitis and now live with an Acquired Brain Injury. This terrible illness can happen to any child at any time, and it changes their lives and their families’ lives forever.”

Currently, on September 19 at 3 p.m. EST, the donation page at Prizeo for the Louis Tomlinson-endorsed contest shows that fans have given over $95,000. The winner of the VIP One Direction tickets with backstage passes will be announced around October 2.

[Feature image via Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer/Getty Images]