Donald Trump Says Concealed Carry Is A Right, Not A Privilege

In a move that thrilled gun rights enthusiasts across the country, leading Republican contender Donald Trump said the second amendment is not being correctly followed; the ability to lawfully carry a concealed weapon is a right under the constitution, not a privilege, and he feels this should be modified in order to be constitutional. In previous articles published by the Inquisitr, Trump has been adamant that mass shootings and law enforcement shootings across the country are not the fault of guns or gun laws, but instead due to individuals who do not obey the law or acquire guns illegally.

According the Breitbart, Trump says that the right to defend oneself is inherent and guaranteed by our constitutional laws.

“The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.”

Trump also says there’s no such thing as “assault weapons” in the context that the media and lawmakers portray them, and the term is used as a tactic of fear.

“Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like “assault weapons,” “military-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” to confuse people. What they’re really talking about are popular semi-automatic rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of Americans. Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice.”

While gun rights are a hotly debated topic across the country, currently states have the ability to make their own laws regarding permits as well as open carry and concealed carry laws. Trump has proclaimed this is right of the people, and that states are distorting the law for their own political reasons or gain.

Trump himself is a gun owner, and has backed the NRA for decades. He has said he believes Americans have the right to carry a weapon and defend themselves and that those rights are currently being infringed upon. According to ThinkProgress, he said, “That’s why I’m a gun owner, that’s why I have a concealed carry permit, and that’s why tens of millions of Americans have concealed carry permits as well.”

[Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images]