Beyoncé ‘Aint Runnin No More’: New Single A Huge Success, And Pregnancy Rumors Quashed

Beyoncé has earned every ounce of the success she enjoys. She is the most nominated woman in the history of the Grammy Awards and has 20 wins under her belt. So what is this star’s secret to success? As reported by the Huffington Post, Beyoncé believes that you will usually get what you want if you work hard, but not all the time.

“You can work super hard and give everything you have… and lose.”

Beyoncé has had her share of failure (hard to believe, right?). This is comforting knowledge because it shows us that we can fail and still be one of the best at what we do. The important thing is to keep trying and Beyoncé does just that, which is why when she announces the release of a new single, her fans are all over it.

Recently, the release of a new single has been announced. The tweets have been flying as Naughty Boy gets ready to release the new single “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” featuring Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin.

According to Rolling Stone, Beyoncé’s performance is soulful in the beginning and picks up a good beat.

“The song begins slowly with Beyoncé singing over a simple piano track. The beat picks up and becomes more urgent by the chorus with Beyoncé emotionally belting ‘Ain’t running from myself no more.’”

The video that accompanies the single is captivating and its ocean portrayal is particularly fitting since the busy performer has been recently spotted on a yacht vacation with her family.

According to Elle, Beyoncé is enjoying some well-deserved family time, vacationing in Italy aboard a luxury yacht that costs $900,000 a week. Being a superstar certainly pays more than just the bills!

Beyoncé has posted photos of the family’s vacation on Instagram as she enjoys time with Jay Z and her daughter Blue Ivy.

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As for the rumors Beyoncé is pregnant again? She has shot them down by posting a vacation photo on Instagram of her enjoying a glass of Champaign.

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There is no doubt that Beyoncé has earned the love and respect of her fans and everyone in the music and performance industries. Her talent and passion takes us on a wild ride every time a new release comes out and “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” lives up to her reputation of being the best of the best.

[Photo: Buda Mendes, Kevin Winter / Getty Images]