Free Donuts Galore On International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2015

Yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year again, when Krispy Kreme offers one and all free donuts on International Talk Like A Pirate Day. That’s right, if you channel your best Captain Jack Sparrow, or similar dastardly hero, you can get free food.

Head into a Krispy Kreme outlet on Saturday, September 19 and talk like a pirate, and you will receive one free Original Glazed Donut. If you can’t quite get your tongue around the various colorful pirate phrases, then dress yourself up in a full pirate costume to receive the same booty.

Talk like a pirate on 9/19 & get a free Original Glazed Doughnut so I can repeat what you say & get one, too #TLAPD

— krispykreme (@krispykreme) September 3, 2015

If you are keen on learning a few phrases and really want to talk like a pirate, here are a few tips. On entering the Krispy Kreme store, walk up to the counter and loudly enunciate the word, “Ahoy!” This is basically pirate-speak for “Hello!” Make your order and when the clerk repeats it back to you to check whether she or he got it right, say “Aye!” That pretty much means “yes.”

To emphasize the positive, another term that is handy is “Arrr!” but you really need to be able to roll your R’s for that one. Basically, it says to the Krispy Kreme clerk “Yes” or “That’s right.” However, the term is great in many situations. You could literally just stand there, growling “Arrr!” at all you see in the store, that way everyone will be impressed with your “talk like a pirate” skills.

Lol RT @LOLPigs: @krispykreme #TalkLikeAPirateDay If only I were tall enough to reach the counter!!! #dozendonuts

— krispykreme (@krispykreme) September 19, 2015

If you feel you are not getting enough attention from the staff at the particular Krispy Kreme outlet, yell loudly “Avast!” This powerful expression can mean a lot of things, like “Check it out!” or “No Way!” but it is also useful to get someone’s attention. To add extra emphasis, use a longer phrase, “Avast ye landlubbers!” or “Take notice you land-lovers.”

If you want to really impress a female clerk at Krispy Kreme, use the simple word “Beauty” in a sentence. For instance “Ahoy, me beauty” usually gets a very positive response as you arrive in the store. To really try to get her attention, use the phrase, “Avast, me proud beauty!”

While probably not recommended on International Talk Like a Pirate Day you might want to hurry the waitress up a little when making your order by using the term “Smartly.” This basically means doing something quickly, so on concluding your order, simply add the words, “smartly, me lass.”

For more tips, along with some great pickup lines to impress the ladies, visit the Talk Like A Pirate website.

For pirate fashion, a few suggestions include an eye patch (available at any drugstore) along with a pirate hat featuring a skull and crossbones flag. To get the right look, wear a loose white shirt with baggy sleeves. Add a pair of tight knickers and a waistcoat and lots of gold and silver necklaces. If you can get an appropriate prosthetic and think you can carry it off, get a fancy pirate hook, just like Captain Hook.

If you have a parrot, and don’t mind it learning a few “talk like a pirate” phrases (bear in mind these birds rarely forget), pop him on your shoulder before you head into Krispy Kreme.

You could even dress up your pet on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, like the cute cat below.

For more pirate fun on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Click on Detroit, suggests you visit Krispy Kreme’s mobile website to download some virtual pirate gear and even get yourself a pirate name.

Aye and avast, me hearties and beauties, have loads of fun and enjoy the free grub as you celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015.

[Photo by William Beem CC BY-NC 2.0]