Jessica Simpson Still Wins On HSN After 'Disastrous' Appearance [Video]

Sources say that Jessica Simpson was not drunk during her HSN appearance.

According to CBS, Simpson was just showing off the more giggly side to her personality, and an HSN source confirmed to TMZ that Jessica was not intoxicated during her appearance to promote her clothing line. After her HSN appearance, during which Jessica sold out of the clothes she was promoting, Twitter exploded with accusations the singer and fashion mogul was drunk, using the hashtag #JessicaOnHSN.

Twitter users began trending the hashtag after a "disastrous" appearance on the network, reports CBS. During her time on HSN, Simpson slurred her words and appeared out of control, interrupting the host, and cracking awkward jokes. The "disastrous" scene caused social media users to accuse Jessica of being "beyond wasted."

Sources close to Simpson told TMZ, however, that Jessica was not drunk, but viewers were treated to a part of [Simpson's] personality that surfaces from time to time," and the slurring and giggling is part of her normal every day personality. According to TMZ, despite some bumpy moments on the show, Jessica was "lucid and polished" most of the time.

Twitter users have not bought the line, with one person tweeting that "Colleen Lopez deserves an award+raise for keeping it together on air."

The joke was on Twitter users, however as Jessica sold all of the jeans she promoted on the network, reports CBS. Since starting her fashion line, which is now valued to be worth over a billion dollars, Simpson has proven that she knows something about business.

The win comes hot on the heels of a recent interview on CNBC's "Closing Bell" in which Jessica said one of her biggest financial mistakes was her marriage to ex-husband Nick Lachey reports CNN. Even though Jessica did not elaborate about why her marriage to Nick was financially disastrous, she told host Kelly Evans, "The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason, I thought of my first marriage."

According to CNN, Evans assured Simpson that the answer isn't unique. "That's actually a common answer, believe it or not," Evans confided to Simpson. Jessica was married to Nick from 2002 until 2005.

Jessica was on "Closing Bell" as part of their show that discusses money matters and interviews successful guests. Simpson was on because, despite her young age, she is the owner of her billion dollar fashion brand. In addition to store sales, Jessica has increased revenue for her fashion line through appearances on television networks like HSN.

[Image credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]