Adam Lambert Paid The Ultimate Compliment By Queen

American Idol star Adam Lambert is back on tour with legendary rock band Queen. Earlier this year, Lambert won numerous plaudits for his performances as he toured Europe with Queen. Music fans in Europe began to take notice when Lambert turned in a flawless performance at London’s “Big Ben Live” show on New Years Eve. As Queen went into their European tour, Lambert was praised for his performances everywhere he went. Adam won over Queen fans because of his incredible vocal range, his style and flamboyance, and for his humility.

Most music fans would say that Freddie Mercury could never be replaced. The beauty of Lambert’s performances was that he never tried to replace Freddie. Adam told fans again and again that he would never presume to even attempt to replace Mercury. Instead, Lambert set out honor Freddie and told fans that Mercury was his idol.

Queen star Brian May has praised Lambert on numerous occasions, he even went so far as to say that Adam could do things vocally that Freddie never could. May describes Lambert’s voice as “a gift from god.” Blabbermouth report that in an interview earlier this month, May said that both Lambert and Mercury have “incredible voices — the kind of voice that you don’t find in a billion people.”

May reckons that the thing that Adam and Freddie share that is even more special is their shared ability to really connect with the audience.

“When Adam walks onto a stage, it’s not Freddie, and it’s not him trying to be Freddie, but when Adam walks on and when Freddie walks on, something happens; there’s some kind of catalytic action that happens between people, and it’s a very rare and special thing.”

Fuse report that Lambert and Queen are back playing together again. This time for “Rock In Rio,” where they were by far the most popular act at the Brazilian festival. It was in Rio de Janeiro that Queen paid Lambert what must surely rank as the biggest compliment possible.

Queen performed an Adam Lambert song. Fans of Lambert will know that Adam’s “Ghost Town” was released as the lead single from his latest solo release. Rolling Stone report that where Adam’s solo version of the song features a heavy “house” groove, that section is replaced by Brian May’s shredding guitar riffs. Adam’s song is transformed from a club dance groove into a heavy rock number suitable for headbangers.

It seems that by working Adam’s solo work into Queen’s set list we may see a lot more of Lambert fronting one of the worlds most iconic rock bands.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]