Colin Cowherd On Leaving ESPN: ‘I Could Not Build The Show I Wanted To’

Colin Cowherd is now two weeks into his new gig at FOX Sports 1. But the controversial former ESPN host is still offering insight into why he left the comforts of Bristol for the relatively unknown fledgling sports cable channel.

“I simply could not build the show I wanted to (in Connecticut),” Cowherd told Real Clear Sports in a recent interview. “I wanted to be in a creative mecca.”

Cowherd also had plenty to say on the type of format he’d rather do than just a typical sports show, but gave his explanation as to why he hasn’t done so yet.

“The show I’d ideally like to do is not readily available. I’m doing about 70 percent of the program I’d like to, but I owe both Premier Networks and Fox a sports show.”

So what would that other 30 percent comprise of? For Colin, it sounds as if he’d like to tackle more cerebral topics than just yesterday’s highlights.

“I am fascinated by moments,” Cowherd elaborated. “Those moments in life when people make huge life-altering decisions and why. What really fascinates me is ‘Why?’ Why did it take Oregon that long to hire Chip Kelly? Why did Pete Carroll call that play in the Super Bowl? Why do we treat people the way we do? I want to know about the human mind, and our insecurities and vulnerabilities.”

Colin Cowherd left ESPN under controversial circumstances this past summer after making insensitive remarks aimed at Dominicans playing baseball in the United States. But even before his comments, of which he has already apologized as reported by the Inquistr, Colin had his deal completed with FOX with the intention of moving on.

Since then, he has opened his new show on FOX with guests that range from Clippers coach Doc Rivers, Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Parcells and late night host Jimmy Kimmel. He’s also continued his highly popular opening rant segment. This week, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and former Hiesman Wnner Tim Tebow landed between his crosshairs, as reported by Waiting For Next Year.

“Why does Johnny Manziel bother me? I love football… I’m thinking about Johnny Manziel, and this is why [Tim] Tebow bothered me. He’s “practical joke guy” at work. He’s briefly popular—the schmucks think he’s funny… They do that to get attention because they’re not really talented enough to get attention. All the smart people know [to] just let it run its cycle. He’ll eventually end up where he should end up. It’s the same with Johnny Manziel.”

Colin Cowherd’s airs show on FOX Sports 1 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST.

[Image via Waiting For Next Year]