Colin Hanks Speaks Of His Role In New CBS Comedy ‘Life In Pieces’

Colin Hanks recently talked about his role in the new CBS comedy, Life in Pieces, saying how the script relates to his own life.

Son of famous dad, Tom Hanks, Colin first made his debut as an extra in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! and has grown since to appear in several TV dramas, including Dexter and Roswell. Hanks later got an Emmy nomination for his gripping role as Deputy Gus Grimly in the TV adaptation of Fargo.

Now, he’s coming back to TV in a new comedy series on CBS called Life in Pieces, where he plays the role of a new father dealing with the stress of parenthood, a story that hits close to home for Hanks.

It turns out he told the director and writer of the show a story about his own experiences. Hanks said, “We were sort of talking with the director and the writer and I just told this story about when my wife and I took our first born home from the hospital.”

“We were just crying tears of joy and next thing I know, it’s in the script and we shot it…”

Colin Hanks’ personal story ended up being used in the show’s pilot episode.

This new comedic role is at odds with previous darker roles played by Colin Hanks, on shows including Dexter and Fargo, but he says he wanted to try something different. Hanks said the way the script was written, it was really funny.

“It was really engaging and really funny and the chance to laugh at work. I’ll never turn that down.”

Speaking of having fun, it turns out his father, Tom Hanks, didn’t encourage him to follow in his footsteps, telling Colin to simply “have as much fun” as he could and to do whatever he wanted to do. But, it seems the talent has been passed down in the Hanks’ genes; what Colin Hanks really wanted to do was to act.

“It just came naturally to me and it was always something I really enjoyed.”

In the interview, Colin Hanks was asked about his stepmother, Rita Wilson, and her battle against breast cancer. He said they celebrated her courage against the odds. He also spoke about his own 4-year-old daughter and her funny reaction when they watched the Star Wars movies. She was, apparently, totally shocked to see there was only one girl in the movies.

“She said, ‘There’s only one girl, what a bummer,’ and I was just incredibly proud…. Those kids, they tend to put new lenses on how you see things.”

According to Broadway World, Colin Hanks has been getting around, as he also appeared on Late Night Seth Meyers, talking about his new show and the fact that it borrowed scenes from his own life.

Life in Pieces will begin airing on CBS on Monday September 21 and each week will take a slice from the lives of four different families. Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, and Zoe Lister Jones, among others, join Colin Hanks in the cast.

[Photo courtesy of CBS via trailer screen capture of Life in Pieces]