Kate Gosselin Denies Being Dumped By Millionaire Boyfriend, Says They Never Dated At All

Kate Gosselin is denying reports that she was dumped by her millionaire boyfriend, saying she was never in a relationship with him at all.

Reports circulated this week that Gosselin was dumped by her boyfriend, Jeffrey Prescott, who reportedly left the reality television star for a 26-year-old woman.

A report from ET Online claimed that Prescott grew a bit wary of Kate’s television presence.

“The trouble started over Labor Day weekend, when the source says Prescott got cold feet about filming Gosselin’s reality show, Kate Plus 8. He ended up canceling production plans just two days before the New York City shoot, after months of planning and preparation. The source adds that Prescott is protective of his three children from a previous marriage and didn’t want the increased exposure, so his team advised him against filming with Gosselin.”

But Kate Gosselin shot back against the reports, denying that she and Prescott were ever together at all.

The alleged split looked especially embarrassing for Kate Gosselin, with ex-husband Jon seeming to revel in her breakup. There were reports that he posted a praising message on his private Facebook page.

But Jon later said that the page was fake, run by someone pretending to be him.

“[It’s] a constant source of frustration, to see impostors post the most ridiculous things,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

Jon added that he is too old and their kids too aware of the situation for him to engage in that kind of drama.

“I have teenage kids now who are on social media,” he added. “They read everything, and the last thing I’m going to do is trash their mother.”

The alleged breakup also came after what appeared to be a high point for Kate Gosselin. In June, she traveled to Mexico to celebrate her 40th birthday, where she was seen lounging on the beach in a bikini.

Gosselin said her life has been great since her highly publicized split with now ex-husband Jon.

“It’s been the greatest five years of my life,” Kate said in a clip that aired on Entertainment Weekly.

This is not the first time that Kate Gosselin has denied being in a relationship. She also pushed back against reports that she was romantically involved with her bodyguard, Steve Neild.

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