Fetty Wap Reveals Debut Album Track List As He Plans American Domination

Fetty Wap is preparing for the release of his debut album and his possible American domination. He's already taking over with a No. 1 song on the charts and his first four singles on the Billboard's Top 10. It's obvious that Fetty Wap is on his way to become one of the most successful hip-hop artists of our time.

The New Jersey-born rapper now has something else to celebrate. According to a report via The Boom Box, Fetty Wap also has six BET nominations including Best Hip-Hop Video, Best Collabo; Duo or Group, Track of the Year, Who Blew Up Award, Best Club Banger, and People's Champ Award.

In addition, MTV has named Fetty Wap the "Artist to Watch" -- and he hasn't released his album yet! Until now. The rapper is getting ready to release his first album. Fetty revealed the full 20-song track list on the deluxe album.

Here's the full track list below.

STANDARD EDITION1. "Trap Queen"2. "How We Do Things" feat. Monty3. "679" feat. Monty4. "Jugg" feat. Monty5. "Trap Luv"6. "I Wonder"7. "Again"8. "My Way" feat. Monty9. "Time" feat. Monty10. "Boomin"11. "RGF Island"12. "D.A.M."13. "No Days Off" feat. Monty14. "I'm Straight"15. "Couple Bands"16. "Rock My Chain" feat. M8017. "Rewind" feat. Monty

DELUXE EDITION18. "Let It Bang"19. "For My Team" feat. Monty20. "Whateva" feat. Monty

Fetty's tracks pretty much include him rapping on his own unless he's rapping along with his fellow Remy Boy members Monty and M80 crew.

He's getting ready to dominate the country on Chris Brown's One Hell of a Nite Tour. Both Fetty's debut album and tour could set him on the North American map. Literally. He even has the support of big name celebrities like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Drake. The soft spoken and quiet rapper spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about his debut album. Although he's gotten plenty of support from superstar musicians, Fetty says that his album won't have big name features.

"Before I came out with another song, 'Trap Queen' was doing so good, but only the name Fetty wap was behind it. I made my name already...When they hear the album, it's gonna be Fetty Wap, the artist, featuring his brothers. There's no superstars on the album; my brothers are superstars to me."
Fetty Wap even performed "Trap Queen" with Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour. He says that he's very appreciative of all the success and recognition he's received in the past year.
"Where I'm from, they expect you to be dead or in jail. When they see you onstage with Taylor Swift, it's beyond. It's f***ing amazing. It's a movie. You never want to take it for granted or fuck it up."
Despite all of the success, Fetty Wap hasn't let the fame gone to his head. He revealed that he's not sick of performing his lead single or hearing it on the radio. That doesn't mean that Fetty won't get sick of hearing his music in a year from now. "Probably next year I'll be tired of talking about 'Trap Queen.' Not right now, though."

Fetty Wap doesn't hit stores or online retailers until next Friday, Sept. 25. The album is already available for pre-orders on iTunes and Apple Music. Fans will receive free downloads of "Trap Queen," "679," "My Way," "Again," and "RGF Island" in exchange for their pre-orders.

[Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]