‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Agents Must Defeat Commanders During This Weekend’s Multiplayer Challenge

After last weekend’s party unfriendly challenge of not dying in the multiplayer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, this weekend’s “Command and Conquer” challenge is a welcome change. This weekend, players must slay commanders, any type, for their Commendation and Victory Chests. The event is going on right now and will conclude on September 21 as referenced by the official Dragon Age: Inquisition site.

Advisors to the Inquisition, Ambassador Montilyet and Commander Cullen, provided agents with a bit of lore behind the challenge. Orlais and Fereldan forces have seen increased opposition in the field. As Montilyet puts it, ridding the battle of the commanders will put these allied forces in the Inquisition’s debt while Cullen points out that the death of many commanders will surely put fear into the Inquisition’s opposition.

“Our Orlesian and Fereldan allies have encountered fierce attacks led by some of Corypheus’s most skilled commanders. We must lend them aid not only to uphold these alliances, but because eliminating their leaders may turn the tide of this battle in the Inquisition’s favor. It will be a deed that few will ever forget.”

Personally, agents will need to defeat 10 commanders to receive their Commendation Chest with random rewards inside. The Inquisition or community goal is to eliminate 50,000 commanders on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Those playing on last generation consoles will need to find and kill 15,000 commanders to earn their Victory Chests. Victory Chests also include a random assortment of rewards like weapons, armor, and potions to the player as well.

Players are also fortunate this week considering this challenge is much more party friendly than last week’s “Safety First” challenge. According to players posting on BioWare’s official Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer forums, the killing blow on a commander is not needed to progress the challenge. Agents should be able to group together to get the challenge done without stealing the kill from their teammates. Not to mention, this challenge will be concluded much quicker for players looking to ensure that they complete their personal goal before the weekend ends.

The single player story may be over for Dragon Age: Inquisition with the last DLC released earlier this month, but the development team still plans on holding multiplayer challenges each weekend for some time. A full-blown DLC like Dragonslayer or Destruction may not be on the schedule, but multiplayer enthusiasts should have several more weekend excursions to complete according to the Inquisitr.

Will you be aiding the Inquisition this weekend?

[Images via BioWare]