Tupac Faked His Death: Retired Cop Makes Shocking Claim About Dead Rapper

Is Tupac Shakur actually alive? According to a retired Las Vegas police officer, he is. Uproxx reports that retired officer David Myers has made some shocking claims surrounding the notorious shooting death of the 90s rapper.

Numerous reports have confirmed that retired cop David Myers is currently on his death bed in an Arizona hospital. It is reportedly because of this that he has wanted to “come clean” about his experience the night Tupac was shot dead.

The Mirror reports that the former cop was purportedly paid $1.5 million to help the popular rapper fake his own death. Back in 1996, the rapper was notoriously shot dead in a drive-by shooting while in Las Vegas. Over the course of many years, his death has been the subject of varied speculation — ranging from somewhat realistic theories to downright over-the-top conspiracies. David Myers may or may not be telling the truth of his experience, but he has certainly made a lot of comments about it.

“The world needs to know what I did. I’m ashamed that I let a price be put on my word and I cannot die without letting the world know.”

Tupac conspiracy theorists may be excited to learn that Myers claims Suge Knight played a role in Tupac Shakur’s “hoaxed” death. The retired cop also says that the rapper paid $50k for a body double to be used in his place to make his death look more realistic.

Tupac’s death is far from the only one to become a notorious focus of conspiracy and speculation. The death of Elvis Presley has never been accepted by man people who believe that he hoaxed the entire thing. A historian has also made claims that Hitler and Ava Braun never died in a Berlin bunker. One of the most far-out celebrity conspiracy theories surrounds The Beatles and Paul McCartney. Legend has it that the famed singer actually died in 1966, but the rest of the band didn’t want to lose their shine. That’s why they are rumored to have hired a Paul McCartney look-alike who sounded like him.

Celebs death conspiracy like Tupac’s and Elvis’s aren’t the only famed conspiracies. One popular death conspiracy involves the so called “suicide” of Danny Casolaro. Casolaro was reportedly “investigating” a government conspiracy when he died. This alone has attracted the interest of other conspiracy theorists — in particular, ones who have great mistrust for the United States government.

As for the news surrounding the so called hoaxed death of Tupac Shakur, it should be noted that no reports have declared any definitive proof that former officer David Myers is telling the truth.

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