‘The Bastard Executioner’ Series Premiere — Twitter Reacts To ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter’s New Show

Kurt Sutter’s newest drama, The Bastard Executioner, has finally arrived. With so many people having high expectations from the Sons of Anarchy creator, fans took to Twitter shortly after the premiere to express their excitement and approval of the new medieval series.

The Bastard Executioner centers on the story of a medieval knight named Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones). After years of service in the army under King Edward III, Brattle decides to retire from his life of violence and settle down on a farm. However, the hero is forced to become an executioner after faced with the brutal realities of life.

Following the premiere of the show, fans were quick to praise the series on social media. With that in mind, here are a few things fans had to say after watching the opening act.

“@TBXperts I have rewatched 3 times…I already can’t get enough!! I saw things each time that I hadnt noticed before! #AwesomeShit #TBX” one fan posted to Twitter.

“@TimVMurphy wow, just wow! I’ve already watched the pilot episode of #TBX twice! So happy that you are on the show… It’s totally kick ass,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

Judging by the reaction on social media, fans were generally pleased with Sutter’s newest offering. This is especially impressive considering how hard it is to follow up a hit show like Sons with another successful one. At the same time, it helps having such a great cast of actors, which include True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal, and The American’s Matthew Rhys.

Speaking of Moyer, the actor recently discussed his role as one of the primary villains in the show with Variety.

“Everyone who does this will tell you they like to do them because it’s much more interesting,” Moyer stated, referencing playing the bad guy in a series. “I don’t know why they had to come to me, but I’m much more interested in ordinary people who have screwed up somehow and are trying to make the best of the circumstances or are lead down the path that they normally wouldn’t go down.”

Moyer also hinted a little about what is to come with his character. “My character is ambitious – ruthlessly ambitious. He wants the crown and he wants to live the life. I don’t know if we will see in this season or in future seasons where he came from.”

The Bastard Executioner airs Tuesday nights on FX.

[Image Courtesy: Kurt Sutter via Instagram]