Rumors Swirl As Jessica Simpson Debuts Her Fashion Line On HSN

Jessica Simpson made a bizarre appearance during the debut of her fashion line of HSN on Thursday night. Jessica has been accused of acting drunk or high as she promoted her denim fashion line along with her mom, Tina Simpson, on the home shopping channel.

Simpson, 35, slurred her speech when talking about her “Kiss Me” Super Skinny Gray Jean on the live show. A video titled “Jessica Simpson is drunk on HSN right now. Is anyone else seeing this?” was uploaded to YouTube on the early hours of Friday morning. It immediately went viral since its debut. In the video, Simpson appears to make an offhand comment about how both her sister Ashlee Simpson and her husband Evan Ross would both look good in the jeans. Show host Colleen Lopez said that many women have been obsessed with the gray jeans, to which Simpson responded, “Maybe men, too. You never know!”

Long before the video video went viral, some fans tweeted about Simpson’s bizarre appearance using the hashtag #JessicaOnHSN.

Both Jessica Simpson and HSN have spoken out about the accusations that the singer-turned-fashion designer was under the influence during the presentation. A source close to Jessica told the Daily News that “she was not drinking” during the live taping of her fashion show.

Meanwhile, HSN had nothing but positive things about Simpson’s debut jean line. The network told E! News, “It was fun to have Jessica make her HSN debut with her mother Tina last night. We were happy to host them and thrilled with the way customers responded to the collection.”

That hasn’t stopped the rumors from circulating about Jessica Simpson’s alleged drinking problems. According to a previous report via Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Jessica got into an alleged “drunken brawl” with her husband Eric Johnson. Jessica first made headlines when she was interviewed by Extra at a Teen Vogue event back in March where she was seen making strange expressions and odd remarks. Jessica was also seen slurring her speech in the bizarre interview, which immediately went viral but has since disappeared from the internet.

A tabloid report via In Touch Weekly claimed that Simpson was mixing alcohol with Adderall, which could make for a lethal combination. Sources close to the powerhouse singer claim that Simpson’s family has been trying to get her into rehab, but she’s “in complete denial” about her drinking problem. The insider added: “Instead of listening to their warnings, she’s made it clear that if anyone mentions her ‘problem’ again, they’ll be cut off.” Another report in Life & Style claimed that Simpson got hooked to the pills when she used them for her incredible weight loss.

A year ago, Jessica Simpson was also seen reportedly stumbling out a Hollywood nightclub by TMZ. Check out the video for yourself below.

There’s also the strange photos on Jessica’s Instagram. The “Public Affair” took Instagram to a whole new level when she posted this bizarre photo of herself sprawled out on the floor with the caption: “I love carpet.” Photos like this have some of Jessica’s fans wondering if she’s okay.

HSN is celebrating the billionaire designer’s 10th year anniversary with her all new anniversary collection, which features more than just jeans. It also has apparel, shoes, handbags, accessories and more. There is no word on whether or not Jessica will make another appearance on the home shopping network.

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[Image: Rob Kim/Getty Images for Teen Vogue]