WWE Rumors: A Big Name From The Past Could Be Returning And That’s Cool

WWE has been bringing back a number of big names from their past, and a few others are being rumored as well. The return of the Dudley Boyz has already generated a huge amount of excitement and now rumor has it that another return could bring up the mid-card level in a big way, and it’s the possible return of Carlito.

Carlito came in at the tail end of the Attitude Era, but he still had a personality about him that would have fit in perfectly. Now, he’s been away from the company for a while and according to MLW Radio, it may be time for him to head back to WWE.

This has been a rumor that has gone on for a long time, and it was even talked about a good bit back in late 2014 due to comments made by Carlito. As E Wrestling News reported, he has no problems with anyone in the company.

“It’s not because I need a job. I have traveled a lot to wrestle around the world in places like Mexico, Qatar and Australia. However, I would accept going back to WWE. I have no bad feelings with anyone there.”

Back in 2014, there was another moment where WWE.com actually caught up with Carlito to speak with him about what he’s doing now. Carlito was in New Orleans for the Hall of Fame ceremony that saw his father Carlos Colon inducted for his incredible wrestling career.

carlito wwe rumors return

There was really no focus put on Carlito’s time in WWE or if he would ever return to the company, but it did get rumors rolling. Now, there is a huge reason for the rumors starting up again, and it has to do with Carlito’s family once more.

Recently, Los Matadores were rumored to be getting a new gimmick and being repackaged to get away from the comedy tag team persona. For a while now, they’ve been more involved in the rejuvenated tag team division, but are still looked at as funny or more of a joke team.

Diego, aka Primo, is Carlito’s brother, and Fernando, aka Epico, is their cousin. The team of Los Matadores could end up in a stable with a returning Carlito and be given new gimmicks similar to that of which he had when he was in WWE.

A return by Carlito to WWE is one that is nothing more than a rumor right now, and it’s something that may never end up happening. Still, it seems as if WWE is looking to give some past wrestlers another chance, knowing that popular superstars that once made big headlines may still be able to do it again.

[Image via Revolution Pro Wrestling/WWE]