Konami Halts Triple-A Console Development, PES Sole Exception [Report]

Konami has seemingly done what has been speculated for months on end and ceased triple-A console development, causing many fans in the gaming world to further be upset with the Japanese publisher.

According to French site Gameblog, and further corroborated by Eurogamer, Konami seemingly has a blank slate for triple-A titles with the exception of their famed soccer title Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Much of the speculation was seemingly confirmed when Gameblog wrote an original report claiming that worldwide technology director for Konami Julien Merceron had left the company, citing frustration with Konami’s transition from the console market towards the ever-growing mobile game sector.

However, this shouldn’t affect the development of Metal Gear Solid Online, which is set to debut next month.

This seems to be the inevitable resolution to the issues Konami has suffered throughout the year. From the deteriorating relationship between Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and Konami to cancelling the incredibly popular Silent Hills P.T. demo on PlayStation 4, you could see Konami shifting its business strategy away from Kojima Productions. Couple that with Kojima announcing that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be his last and the writing was on the wall.

Fans and gaming luminaries alike have decried the issues with Konami and Kojima, with the Inquisitr previously reporting that EA exec Peter Moore thinks that Kojima and Konami should “kiss and make up.” Other fans haven’t been as kind in their criticism of the issue.


Some fans believe this decision doesn’t spell the doom of Konami, and see the recent developments as a drastic shift in their business strategy. Focusing on mobile, PES, card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, and their gambling division means that some areas won’t receive the same attention as they used to. Many gamers across the board would agree that they’d rather have a fully focused Konami on console titles rather than an unfocused company pushing out subpar triple-A games.

What are your thoughts on Konami stepping away from triple-A console development? Sad or upset, share your thoughts below.

[Image via Konami]