WWE Rumors, Spoilers: One Match At ‘Night Of Champions’ Could Bring A Huge Heel Turn

With so much focus on the title matches at WWE Night of Champions this Sunday, there is actually a lot of attention on the matches without belts at stake. Everyone is anxious to find out who the mystery partner is for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, for one. Another big, non-title match is the one between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev, which could end with a huge heel turn from Lana.

Yes, even though Lana just turned face a few months ago and is now partnered with Dolph Ziggler, it seems she may turn heel once again. The face turn just has not worked out as many within WWE thought it would.

Cageside Seats has reported that there is “already serious talk” backstage at WWE that Lana could turn heel this Sunday and partner back up with Rusev. It appears that many believe the split has done nothing but hurt both of them and putting them back together would be the best option at this time.

Honestly, that’s the way WWE has been hinting on television throughout the past couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, fans saw Summer Rae sneak into Ziggler’s locker room and that got Lana all upset. This past Monday, Summer Rae received a gift and it led to a lot more speculation that Lana and Ziggler are having problems.

It could turn into Lana becoming overly jealous, or angry at possible infidelity, and turning on Ziggler at Night of Champions. This would cause him to lose to Rusev and then pair up the two heels once again.

If Lana does turn and get back together with Rusev, then it would end up being a double-turn, of sorts. Summer Rae would then be dumped by Rusev and possibly turn face and align herself with Ziggler, which will have the wrestlers simply switch valets.

According to Wrestling Inc., the time when Lana was with Rusev was what made her popularity soar. Fans actually loved that she was rude to them, insulted them, and played up the heel role. Her popularity picked up even more steam with the threat of her turning face.

When Rusev had Lana at his side, it also made his heel status that much bigger because she was a great voice for him on the mic. He provided the brute force and power, while she delivered a great game on the mic.

As a babyface, Lana has just kind of faded into the background.

Night of Champions is just a few nights away, and it’s going to be a big event for WWE. Another match between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev isn’t something that all fans want to see, and WWE may shake it up a bit with a Lana heel turn on Sunday night.

[Image via WWE]