Kris Jenner Is Hopeful Scott Disick And Kourtney Kardsahian Work It Out

Kris Jenner’s daughter Kourtney Kardashian may have split from Scott Disick, but that doesn’t mean they are done for good. These two share three children together and have reconciled in the past after a split. Us Magazine shared that Kris Jenner is actually hopeful that these two will find their way back together at some point. Kris shared that Scott is like her son and is still a great dad regardless.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were together for nine years before calling it quits this time. Kourtney has never been okay with Scott’s partying ways and the fact that he was caught with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli was the last straw. They actually split up three months ago.

When asked if Scott and Kourtney will ever get back together and if Kourtney will forgive Scott this time, Kris Jenner wasn’t afraid to share her thoughts.

“I don’t tell her things like that. Because I don’t think that’s my place. But my kids were brought up to be very forgiving people. My wish is that, you know, they work it out and figure it out and we’ll see what happens. He’s a great dad and he loves the kids and he loves Kourtney… I love him.”

Us Magazine actually shared that it doesn’t look like there is any chance Scott and Kourtney will reconcile. A Kardashian source is speaking out and says that this time Kourtney is officially done with Disick. They do get along for their kids, and Scott has been spotted out and about with the children more than once since their split. Sources say Scott misses his family, but just not enough to change his ways. Kourtney obviously won’t take him back without a lot of things changing first.

Since Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian called it quits, he has been seen out partying more than once and is still hosting in Las Vegas. Kourtney is working hard on getting her body back in shape and is very focused on being a mom. Scott and Kourtney just don’t seem to have the same priorities.

A new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will be back on E! on September 20. So far there is no news how much Scott Disick will be on the show since their split. This series is filmed months in advance, so, of course, Scott will be on this season at the start, and viewers are hopeful that they will keep him around regardless of the split. Do you think that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian should work things out? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Valerie Macon/Getty Images for Taste of Beverly Hills]