September 18, 2015
'The Affair' Season 2: Noah Will Find Helen 'More Threatening,' Plus Alison Is 'Fearful' Of Cole

The escalating drama between Helen and Noah will definitely be one storyline to follow in the second season of The Affair. In a recent video released by Enstarz, Maura Tierney discussed her character's struggles in the new season, and how her responsibilities will be key to understanding the changes in her life.

"In season 2, I think Helen's struggling to be a mom and a daughter, and she has to function at her job," Tierney explained. "So there's all of these ways that she's expected to still sort of perform and she's having a really hard time doing it."

Another aspect of the new season that will be different are the added perspectives. This is something Tierney believes helps the series expand its storyline and opens it up for more opportunities.

"The whole structure's being adjusted," she stated. "And giving all of the characters' [point of view], it really opens up the storytelling."

With those changing perspectives, Tierney added that Noah will start to see Helen as more threatening as the storyline progresses.

"From Noah's point of view, I'm much colder, much more condescending and much more threatening," she revealed in the video. "She's really belittling of his work and she's not really understanding what he needs."

Meanwhile, another character who is set to go through some changes is Cole, played by Joshua Jackson. In another clip from Enstarz, Jackson talked about what his character will be feeling as fans get the chance to see things from his point of view this season on The Affair.

"He's just sort of empty," the actor stated. "It's like he disappeared inside of his own life... In season 1, we were completely inside of Alison and Noah's perspective and in season 2, we're expanding in Cole and Helen's."

Jackson also revealed that Cole will be taking some people hostage with a gun. This situation is one of the reasons why Allison begins to feel more afraid about her dealings with Cole.

"What's supposed to be her relaxing summer vacation ends up with a pregnant teenage daughter and being threatened," he explained. "Alison's perspective on Cole would be pretty fearful at this point. That was a completely out of character moment for him to do something so violent, really, and aggressive."

The only question remaining is just how Alison deals with Cole's violent outburst.

Season 2 of The Affair is set to premiere October 4 on Showtime.

[Image Courtesy: Showtime]