October 20, 2017
Costa Rica: Mysterious Iridescent Cloud Caught On Camera Leaves People Perplexed

One month after the Inquisitr reported the appearance of a fire rainbow in the skies over South Carolina, a similar phenomenon is being reported today from Costa Rica. Videos and pictures of an iridescent, multi-hued cloud phenomenon have been shared via social media on Tuesday by residents of Costa Rica. The iridescent cloud has been seen in several cities across Costa Rica including San Jose, Parrita, Pavas, Escazu and Hatillo, ABC News reports.

In the video embedded below, you can clearly see how surprised people were upon seeing the cloud. Several other photos of the iridescent cloud formation were posted on social networks, including Twitter and Instagram.

According to local resident Joey Petit, he and his family members were at a playground when his 11-year-old son noticed the strange, iridescent cloud.

"He immediately grabbed the camera and started taking video and photos," Ptit told ABC News. "We were just so amazed. We had no idea what it was and we'd never seen anything like it."
Another resident, Jessie Montealegre, also saw the cloud and was amazed by the phenomenon.
"It was breathtaking," she said. "It's like a sign of God."
A few hours after the cloud appeared, people took to social media to discuss various theories on what it could have been. Some even voiced suspicions it to be an UFO, whereas others believed it to be something of divine origin.Scientists were quick to clarify the iridescent cloud was a very rare, but completely natural, phenomenon. According to those knowledgeable on the subject, it is part of a rare weather phenomenon they call "cloud iridescence." This phenomenon happens when the water droplets present in the clouds refract the sunlight passing through them and split the colors. The phenomenon in Costa Rica is similar to the one that happened last month in South Carolina.

Have you seen anything like this before?

[Image via YouTube screen capture]