Miranda Simms’ Pregnancy Was Revealed On Last Night’s ‘Teen Mom 2’

Miranda Simms and her husband, Corey, announced their baby news on last night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2. As Corey’s ex-wife, Leah Messer, remained in a treatment facility in Arizona, he and Miranda Simms told his 5-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah, they would soon have another sibling.

“They make a mess,” Aleeah said in response to Miranda Simms’ pregnancy, according to a September 18 recap by OK! Magazine.

Added Ali, “They puke all over the place!”

Also in the episode, Miranda Simms and her husband discussed Messer’s treatment plan, and according to Miranda Simms, she wasn’t so sure it was going to work.

While talking to Corey in their car, Miranda Simms said, “They say she’ll be better when she comes back but will it really be better? I don’t think so.”

Later, Miranda Simms’ husband met with Messer’s second husband, Jeremy Calvert, to discuss their ongoing concerns about Messer’s alleged drug problem.

Said Calvert, “My biggest fear is she’s going to get away with s–t until one of these nights me and you are gonna get this f—ed up phone call cause mommy done f—ing made a big boo boo. That’s when I’m going to go f—ing ballistic.”

Miranda Simms and Messer have been on the outs for the last several months, and according to a report by the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the two women came to blows while filming the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion special in Los Angeles this past July.

“[Miranda Simms] is fed up with Leah’s lies and inability to take responsibility for her poor parenting choices,” a family insider revealed to the Ashley. “Despite what you see on TV, Leah and [Miranda Simms] have not gotten along for years.

“Leah’s entire family hates [Miranda Simms]. They blame her for severing the decent co-parenting relationship that Corey and Leah had, but really there were many reasons that they stopped getting along, not just because of [Miranda Simms].”

According to the report, Miranda Simms called out Messer for endangering her child, leaving everyone on the set of the reunion completely “stunned.” Because Miranda Simms is typically quiet and reserved, no one expected her to confront Corey’s ex-wife in the way she did. However, due to things that had happened during filming, no one could prove her wrong.

For more of Miranda Simms and her growing family, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m on MTV.

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