Rumors Suggest Blake Shelton Is Headed To Rehab: Is it True?

Blake Shelton has never been shy about the fact that he loves to drink and have a good time. Since his public split with Miranda Lambert, there have been concerns that he could take that too far. In Touch actually put a story on the cover of their magazine that says Blake has hit rock bottom and is heading to rehab to get help. Gossip Cop was able to get to the bottom of this rumor and says there is no truth to it at all.

Actually the truth is that Blake Shelton is not in rehab and nobody is even urging him to get help. Shelton has actually threatened to sue In Touch for a false story about an alleged affair he had in the past, but so far, he seems to be just laughing this one off. Blake went to his Twitter account to reveal the truth. Twitter user Scott Hayes had a funny exchange with Blake about it all.

Scott Hayes tweeted that he loves when he ends up hearing rumors about himself.

Shelton actually responded to him saying, “Ha!!! I love this tweet!!!! Hey look I have cell service in rehab!!!!”

Of course, Blake Shelton isn’t hanging out in rehab and tweeting, but at least he is able to laugh at the rumors flying about him.

Since Blake and Miranda called it quits, there have been a string of rumors that things are not going well. Reports of cheating and drinking keep coming out, but the two deny them all and just say that their marriage didn’t work out. So far, it looks like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been able to move on just fine.

Blake Shelton has been staying busy with his show The Voice, and People shared what will happen when Season 9 returns to NBC on September 21. The judges will start the show by performing hits from each other. Blake will actually sing a No Doubt song called “Don’t Speak.” Gwen Stefani will be singing his song “Neon Lights.”

Everyone should get a chance to see how Blake Shelton is really doing after his divorce when the show returns. It is really hard to hide things on live television, and The Voice will have live shows coming soon. Do you feel like Blake Shelton could really be headed to rehab at some point? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss The Voice when it returns on September 21.

[Photo Source Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel]