‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Amy ‘Needs Space’ And The Wedding Doesn’t Solve Penny And Leonard’s Problem

While one couple is taking a big step forward on The Big Bang Theory, another is taking a step back – but that doesn’t mean that both relationships don’t have their problems. Yes, Leonard and Penny are getting married in the Season 9 premiere, but there is still the matter of the girl he kissed a couple of years ago.

Entertainment Weekly has shared a sneak peek of the season premiere – and of the moments leading up to Leonard and Penny’s wedding. Unfortunately, that’s not without its problems, as the package they paid for may include rose petals, but since the chapel is out of them, potpourri from the bathroom is offered as a substitute – and offered again, just as the couple to be married is in the middle of a sweet “I love you” moment.

But just because Leonard and Penny get married doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten about Mandy. According to what executive producer Steve Molaro previewed for TV Guide, it’s an issue that is brought up on their wedding night and isn’t resolved.

“Penny thinks she may be able to get past it, but it’s bothering her more than she expected. We fly right into the face of it…. They don’t end up where they thought they would be and… it’s one of the issues we are tackling in the first couple of episodes.”

In case you missed the news, TVLine had reported earlier this summer that Melissa Tang will be appearing in Episode 2 of TBBT Season 9 as Mandy.

As for Sheldon and Amy, just like with Leonard and Penny, their issues aren’t going to be fixed in the premiere either. Bialik told EW that it “is not a breakup,” but rather, Amy “needs space and the first episode explores how Sheldon deals with that notion.”

It’s not going to be easy for Sheldon, who was revealed to have a ring in the final moments of the Season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory, as he doesn’t know how to fix what’s wrong in his relationship.

“He’s hurt and confused,” Molaro said. “This is not a science problem that he can solve by thinking about it.”

Amy needing space is going to affect more than just her relationship with Sheldon. After all, they’re both friends with the same people, and according to Bialik, “a lot of the comedy” in the premiere comes from the fact that in situations like this, “people have to take sides and people have to lend support.”

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 premieres Monday, September 21 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]