Lil Dicky: Making A Joke Out Of Rap Music

Lil Dicky is a joke. But he’s on to something. Lil Dicky’s success with songs like “Ex-Boyfriend,” “Professional Rapper,” and now “Save Dat Money” has put the joke together with real rap skills. He’s got everyone in the room laughing again.

Listening to Lil Dicky is entering the mind of a horny Jewish kid, the one who sat a few seats down from the big kids in high school until everyone discovered he could rap. And Lil Dicky came on the rap scene at the right time. There aren’t many rappers doing much for humor. The scene has gotten too serious. The beefs have gotten too intense. And now Lil Dicky arrives to offer a refreshing dose of comic relief.

But before writing this kid off as a young Weird Al with Eminem’s skills, take a look at the support he’s getting from hip hop’s finest. He already has songs with Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan, and T-Pain. The joke has evolved.

Lil Dicky is first a comedian and then a rapper. Lil Dicky always knew he was funny growing up, but he wasn’t sure how to enter comedy. He chose rap as a venue to enter comedy and plays off the juxtaposition. He came to rap after work in the corporate world left him wanting more.

Lil Dicky told Maxim about what made him turn towards rap.

“I wanted to do something to get noticed for being funny, but I had no connections in that space. I wanted to do something for attention. I could always kind of rap pretty casually, so I thought about rapping as a manageable way in.”

And it’s working out for him. His music video, “Ex-Boyfriend,” got a million views in one day on YouTube. He released a successful animated video for “Professional Rapper” in which he exchanged verses with Snoop Dogg. His latest music video, “Save Dat Money,” is all about being thrifty. The video is part documentary as it fits the theme and shows Lil Dicky trying to make this music video for no money.

As Music Times reports, Lil Dicky released the Professional Rapper album by funding it through a successful Kickstarter campaign. The album reached No. 1 on Billboard’s comedy, rap, and independent albums charts. His previous mixtapes and YouTube videos managed to bring him into the public eye, and now, he’s a bonafide rapper, and he doesn’t imagine leaving it behind for comedy.

Lil Dicky, the accidental rapper.

[Photo via Lil Dicky]