iOS 9 Update Crashes Not A Problem

The iOS 9 update crashes are not considered the big problem they were initially reported to be. According to Apple, 16 percent of users have updated the operating system, with a small number having problems downloading through their phone. Previously, reports showed that customers were irate that their iPhones and iPads kept crashing when they tried to download the new software, sparking questions over whether Apple had learned from last year’s issues.

There are around one billion devices running the iOS software. If 16 percent have upgraded so far, it would mean 160 million devices have the update, according to the Independent. It seems that many are blaming the number of people initially trying to download at the same time for causing the server problems. This led to phones and tablets crashing. However, the Inquisitr previously reported that since people could download and upgrade via iTunes, this was unlikely.

It is possible that Apple has done something in the background. The tech giant refused to comment on the iOS 9 issues, and suddenly the speed of upgrade downloads has increased.

Other upgrading problems were also noted on Friday. Mostly, those with older devices had to reset them to be able to complete the download and installation. This led to people losing information. It is one of the reasons individuals are advised to back up all information before attempting any download. Apple engineers are working on a fix for those who do need to reset their phones, but the crashes that occur while upgrading to iOS 9 do not seem to be a big problem at the moment.

While many reported the problems, there were also many others who were reporting the great new features introduced with the new software. Some of the features that BGR has found make life quicker and easier. One is selecting multiple photos by holding the first one and then dragging the finger. It is very much like highlighting numerous files or photos on a computer.

Another benefit is that notifications can be grouped. Rather than notifications coming through by time, they will come through based on grouping. This could help to limit the amount of beeps and dings people hear on their phones.

The memories of last year’s iOS 8 upgrade definitely seem to have some people worried. Customers took to Twitter on Thursday to complain about their iPhones or iPads freezing. The upgrade to iOS 9 is not without its teething problems, but they do not seem to be a big issue.

[Photo by Julian Sullivan/Getty Images]