Jessica Simpson Slurs Speech During Live TV Appearance

Jessica Simpson, 35, appeared on the Home Shopping Network on Thursday. Simpson was scheduled to make a live, two-hour appearance on the network to promote her products. However, her strange behavior quickly stole the spotlight.

The appearance garnered Simpson a lot of attention, but it may not be the attention she had hoped for. Viewers took to the Internet to make a range of comments. Some comments were from viewers who were bemused, while others didn’t seem to be impressed with the way Simpson conducted herself. One commentator asked if Simpson was wasted. According to TMZ, some people tweeted that they decided to stop watching a football game because Simpson was more entertaining.

Simpson was unable to answer some questions and she swayed throughout the presentation, according to the Daily Mail. The singer left viewers confused when she decided to wander off the screen unannounced and then suddenly reappeared.

According to the Mirror, Simpson appeared to be somewhat slurring her words and she was giggling, oddly, at times. At one point during the show, Simpson started to talk about her sister. A pair of grey jeans were being featured and that’s when Simpson said that her sister, Ashley, was the best at wearing grey. Simpson said Ashley was rock ‘n roll and that there was something sexy about grey.

There were two other women during the segment, and they just laughed off the comments that were made by Simpson. They seemed to be a bit bemused by what was going on.

The host, Colleen Lopez, posted a photo of herself with Simpson after the taping ended. According to E! Online, Colleen Lopez posted the photo to Facebook and she congratulated Simpson on a job well done.

The singer’s mother, Tina, appeared on the show, too. Apparently, it was an unscheduled appearance. There were a few in the audience who believed Tina came on set to cover up her daughter’s strange behavior.

One fan left a comment saying that Lopez was a true professional. Another fan called the incident an embarrassment for Simpson.

The taping turned out well for Jessica Simpson, as the clothing line she was promoting completely sold out.

Concerning what people have been saying about her behavior, so far, she has nothing to say. Simpson has yet to comment on the taping.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]