One Direction’s U.K. Weird News: Dublin, Rebke’s Man, Bring Me The Horizon

One Direction has certainly alerted their fans of a lot of big changes happening over the next year, but they are not finished touring yet. Despite the fact that they have ended their North American leg, One Direction are still due to play about 25 shows in their home country of the U.K. during the months of September and October.

Sadly, during their mini-break between U.S. and U.K. concerts, Liam Payne has been missing in action. Alternatively, Harry Styles has been seen catting around town solo in Los Angeles eating ice cream, according to a Daily Mail report on September 17.

As far as Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan go, they were spotted partying in Las Vegas with Justin Bieber according to UnReality TV around September 15.

Now, Niall Horan is back in London as of September 16 and test driving a BMW, according to Twitter.

Of course, before they left America, there were lots of strange One Direction-related headlines. The Daily Mail reported on August 23 that, in addition to a father that got a 1D tattoo, a Kentucky school superintendent was caught in a compromising state of nudity while trying to reel a One Direction ticket his way.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, America is known for its antics, but One Direction may not have been expecting so many strange 1D headlines in the U.K.

Regardless, whether they want to be associated with weird news or not, One Direction certainly has been getting a full dosage of oddities as they start to reunite for their September 24 show in London.

In particular, SugarScape reports on September 16 that Rainbow Direction, the LGBTQ 1D Twitter community, have a special surprise in store — and it centers on Dublin.

Currently, the Rainbow Direction group is tweeting about making the three One Direction concerts in Dublin, Ireland, on October 16-18 an audience participation to remember.

Allegedly, rainbow flags are the theme — and Dublin One Direction fans plan to light up the audience at 3Arena with all the colors of the rainbow via their phones.

Other weird One Direction news includes a strange interview with Nick Grimshaw. He stated the following on September 12 to the Mirror about how he gets no extra credit because he is friends with Harry Styles.

“Nobody gives you a job because you know Harry Styles; loads of people know him.”

When Louis Tomlinson gets back to London to perform with One Direction, it turns out he might get to have an awkward moment with a doppelgänger in his friend circle. Havva Rebke of X Factor fame announced to Reveal around September 14 that her new boyfriend looks a lot like Louis Tomlinson.

If One Direction is looking for ways to spend their free time in the U.K., an unexpected collaboration offer has come up via British rockers Bring Me The Horizon. According to a September 18 report from Fuse TV, Bring Me The Horizon stated on Reddit that if they wanted to do a collaboration album with someone on the opposite end of the genre spectrum, they’d pick J. Cole, One Direction, or Crazy Town.

What will One Direction actually be doing in the week leading up to their London concert on September 24? That can be difficult to discern, but Capital FM radio has taken the time to compile satire about what One Direction will do during their hiatus in 2016.

According to a video they published on September 17, Capital FM speculates that Niall Horan will be a pro dodgeball player, Liam Payne will enlist as a secret agent, Harry Styles will become a baker, and Louis Tomlinson will start a future career as a professional smeller.

For American fans missing One Direction’s weirdness, there may be a way to capture the experience in the near future.

According to a September 16 report from Broadway,Only One Direction: The One Direction Story, which bills itself as a concert celebrating the music of the biggest boy band in history… is set to play the Lyric Theatre October 26 through October 28.”

[Feature image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]